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Aug 16, 2021, 12:16:21 PM8/16/21
to Hypothes.is Forum
Hi fam of fams; devs of the devil ...

I am writing to inform you that I believe your software program which is open to the public is violating GDPR requirements to "download all available data" related to the account.  This particular feature is currently required by me; suggestively to understand that I am replicating your software "hyper-fast" and including it in what I believe will be the piece of technology which literally changes the world more than any other since the MOSAIC web browser ... and/or maybe reddit.

This is bigger than Facebook and Myspace and Twitter and even Tik-Tok; this is a really bigh deal.

Please provide in the main client or through your website the ability to download all "annotations" made by an account.  It should be a simple one click and one line of code.

This is Adam.  I will update this "EMERGENCY" thread with my "thesis statement" on what the piece of software I am creating, which will be based [among other things] on go-multiverse svn-clone and some kind of "IPFS-wiki" beta ... in the hopes that we will quickly surpass facebook and reddit in user activity. 

I hope this email finds you well, I appreciate everything about you, except calling me "slow."  I'm not the slow one, you are.

Michael DiRoberts

Aug 16, 2021, 12:34:33 PM8/16/21
to ADAM FUCK DRAKUL, Hypothes.is Forum
Hi Adam,


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