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Alex Kashirin

Apr 2, 2019, 12:18:25 AM4/2/19
to Hypertable User


    updated for Thrift 0.12.0, gcc 8.3
    changed cmake build instructions, now builds with cmake/utils.cmake
    removal of redundant compiler flags
    added thrift 0.12.0 gen sources for all languages 
    change RangeServer BlockCache.MaxMemory to 90% of RangeServer.MemoryLimit from 100% physical
    added pam_ht_maxretries - Pluggable Authentication Module (Hypertable Max Retries)
    added Python Write Dipatcher Module (PyHelper based on HyperThrift C++)
    changed generate new thrift sources on build with all languages 
    changed no dependency for other targets for HyperThrift library
    added lib HyperThriftExtentions includes the SerializedCells related and ThriftHelper
    added SmartFd to Hypertable::Filesystem
    added new methods based on SmartFd to Hypertable::Filesystem
    added support of SmartFd to FsBroker::Lib::Client and dependencies
    added to FsBroker::Lib::Client:
          a bool retry_write_ok, true if applicable to retry, deletes old file by default
          methods for temp file: create_local_temp, append_to_temp, commit_temp
    set FsBroker::Lib::Client methods based on int fd to warn-deprecated
    added bool ConnectionManager::is_connection_state 
    added bool ConnectionManager::is_addr_exists
    changed Metalog, Commitlog, AccessGroupHintsFile to work with smartfd
    changed CellStore to work with smartfd, except CellStoreV0-6
    added a try again loops for processes relay on FsBrokerClient append
    changed additionally to RollLimit, logs-rolling is done as a new file required 
            including log-fragments as skippable sym-ref (only header)
    changed instead void CommitLog::load_cumulative_size_map return boolean
    added dyn config options:
          FsBroker.WriteRetryLimit, zero to skip, -1 unlimited
          FsBroker.RetryLimit, zero to skip, -1 unlimited
          Hypertable.RangeServer.CellStore.CreateWithTemp=bool, default false
    major improvement on Failure Tolerence of FsClient use and connection to FsBroker
    added integration test fsbroker-failure
    changed RangeServerConnectionManager on Master maps RS public_addr non_unique
    changed repr of fd/filename in logging of FsBroker::Lib::Client to a SmartFd 
    changed Hyperspace.Session.Reconnect config default value set to True   

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