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Alex Kashirin

Dec 18, 2018, 5:48:42 PM12/18/18
to Hypertable User


   Updated for libssh 0.8.5 (changes to deprecated and use of read_nonblocking)
   added support of ZSTD(zstandard) compressor for BlockCompressionCodec
   added macro USE_READDIR_R, false with glibc-2.23+
   changed readdir_r deprecated infavour of readdir depends on USE_READDIR_R(GLIBC version)
   changed ClientKeepaliveHandler, select next hyperspace replica client by index count 
   changed Hyperspace ClientKeepaliveHandler, Config/Properties assigned via Session
   added method get_next_replica to Hyperspace Session 
   added stricness to Berkeley DB events REP_DUPMASTER and DB_EVENT_REP_LOCAL_SITE_REMOVED, exit with HT_FATAL
   added dbenv->rep_sync(0) to on DB_EVENT_REP_CLIENT and DB_EVENT_REP_NEWMASTER(for client)
   changed finish_election in both cases of newly elected or was a master at DB_EVENT_REP_MASTER event
   removed unused cases of include Config and using namespace Config
   depcicated boost::program_options(libboost_program_options) 
   added files Common/Property.[h,cc] include namespace hypretable::Property
   changed definitions of MiB, KiB, etc. at Common/Property.h in Hypertable namespace 
   added class Property::Value with dependencies classes TypeDef and ValueDef<T>
   added files Common/PropertyValueEnumExt.h,c define EnumExt and gEnumExt types
   added callback set_cb_on_chg, an on change setter, to gEnumExt
   added file Common/PropertyValueGuarded.h define gBool, gInt32t and gStrings types 
   added callback set_cb_on_chg, an on change setter, to Property::ValueGuardedAtomic<T>
   added files Common/PropertiesParser.[h,cc] with classes ParserConfig, Parser
   added cfg methods g_boo(Bool), g_i32(int32_t), g_strs(Strings), g_enum_ext(gEnumExt) to PropertiesParser
   changed parsed cfg option validation and convertion is done by Property::ValueDef<T>
   added test Common/properties_parser_test
   removed test Common/config_test 
   changed Properties MapPair to <String, Property::ValuePtr>
   organized Common/Properties.[cc,h] and Config namespace and align to the new Config::Parser/ParserConfig
   changed cfg descriptions(cmdline,file desc) to new PropertiesParser configurations
   added config option Hypertable.Config.OnFileChange.Reload=True change to False will halt from reloading
   added config option Hypertable.Config.OnFileChange.Reload.Interval=600000 
   added config option Hypertable.Config.OnFileChange.file=path/hypertable-dyn.cfg (a strings type property) 
   added method Properties::load_files_by, loads cfg files from property name
   added to Config init, if main cfg file set with OnFileChange.file configured files loaded as well
   added file conf/hypertable-dyn.cfg the default configs of dynamic properties 
   changed cmake install hypertable.cfg.ini (hypertable.cfg remain for tests)
   added files and class AsyncComm/ConfigHandler 
         work with files from OnFileChange.file or use Hypertable.Config / --config file
         checks on files change and update properties for Guarded Value Types only
   added use of ConfigHandler by Hypertable.Config.OnFileChange.Reload for
         Master, Range, Thrift, FsBroker(C++) and Hyperspace
   changed property Hypertable.Logging.Level defined with gEnumExt, level is changeable at runtime
   changed property Hypertable.Verbose / --verbose to type gBool a g_boo() cfg
   added changeable at runtime configs for ThriftBroker SlowQueryLog.Enable and SlowQueryLog.LatencyThreshold
   added set_slow_query_logging call-back on ThriftBroker.SlowQueryLog.Enable change stop/start logging
   changed Hyperspace Configurations with Guarded types (g_i32) for
           Maintenance.Interval, Checkpoint.Size, LogGc.Interval, LogGc.MaxUnusedLogs, 
           KeepAlive.Interval, Lease.Interval, GracePeriod
   changed cfg Port, Workers and Reactors for cfg(Local, Qfs, Kfs, Mapr, Ceph) for the server-side
           to "FsBroker.Listen.Port",  "FsBroker.Listen.Workers",  "FsBroker.Listen.Reactors"
   changed all FsBroker configuration options to start with "FsBroker."
           specific apply on namespaces: Local, Hdfs, Mapr, Ceph, Qfs
           common options are on "FsBroker." configuration namespace
   removed completely prior DEPRECATED configuration options
   added a python module to Hypertable::Client with methods to namespace 
         module: from hypertable.hypertable_client import HypertableClient
   added supporting test HypertableClient-test (ht_client_test.py) for py2, py3, pypy2 and pypy3
   added cfg_reload a command and interpreter statement to Hyperspace(client-side) (experimental)
   TODO: test Hyperspace related (bdb) changes in big(3+ replicas) cluster environment
         apply possible/reasonable configurations to be dynamic property at run time

Kashirin Alex
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