EELS plasmon peak fitting

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Fei Long

Aug 7, 2018, 11:41:16 AM8/7/18
Hi hyperspy users,

I am trying to use low loss EELS to identify different types of hydrides by measuring the peak positions of the Plasmon peak. The spectrum images were acquired with a TITAN with 1eV resolution. My first data analysis attempt was done with the NLLS peak fitting program on the Gatan GM3 software package. However, the result is not quite satisfactory, which makes me wonder if hyperspy can do better fitting on Plasmon peak position.

I have zero experience with Hyperspy so if anyone has worked in analyzing low loss Plasmon peak can share your experience or even more a few lines of code that will be much appreciated.

Best regards,


Bernhard Schaffer

Aug 7, 2018, 12:18:33 PM8/7/18

Hi Fei,

Hyperspy is surely nicely suited to do these fits, in particular if you want to build your own fitting equations and estimators or want to play with different fit-algorithms.

Unfortunately, I myself am not (yet) experienced enough in it to point you in any direction. (Others hopefully will.)

There is some documentation on curve fitting in the documentation at

However, I'm replying to this email because I know that custom plasmon fitting was done with DigitalMicrograph-scripting in at least one publication:

As far as I know, this wasn't done using the NLLS fitting from the menu (which only does Gaussians), but with the general Fitting tool which is available from the  "Data Fit" technique in the "Data Analysis" group of GMS 3. This tool can also be accessed by the scripting language. If you contact the first author (Matthew Mecklenburg) he can possibly share the details.

Also: Should you happen to be around at M&M Baltimore this week, make sure to visit the Gatan booth (and ask for Paul Thomas). He possibly has some interesting news regarding fitting and data analysis in the upcoming GMS version.

Best regards,



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Tomas Ostasevicius

Aug 7, 2018, 12:43:04 PM8/7/18
Hi both,

I can assure that HyperSpy is more than powerful enough to perform the analysis.

As a starting point, have a look at one of the demos:


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