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Bela Liptak

Apr 11, 2024, 9:53:51 AMApr 11
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Ha érdekli Őnt a felmelegedés vagy az AI okozta veszélyek elkerülésének témája ezen a cimen olvashat zokról:



Ugyancsak ide másolom mai, a New York Timeshez irt levelemet a jövő villanyhálózatáról:



RE:"The US Urgently Needs a Bigger Grid. Scientists Have a Solution." page B6, date 4-10-24


To the Editor,


Conversion into a carbon-free energy economy will not only require the installation of advanced high capacity grids and the coordination of our 3,200 utilities, it will also require the building of immense energy storage systems which will convert the intermittently available green energy into continuously available. Batteries can not do this, hydrogen can.


Near the small town of Delta in Utah, a large hydrogen storage plant is under construction, which will hold  more hydrogen energy in its two dissolved salt caverns than all the chemical storage batteries in the United States today. The stored hydrogen will come from giant electrolyzers fueled by solar energy and make hydrogen, while releasing oxygen into the air, just like plants do.


Using stored hydrogen energy to back up the grid is faster and less expensive than increasing or lowering the load on conventional power plants, because hydrogen-based systems act quickly, while conventional power plants can not respond fast enough when the green energy supply into the grid suddenly rises or drops. In addition,  when solar or wind farms are in remote locations, connecting them to the grid can be expensive. 


If the hydrogen storage caverns are already available, the time required for the solar-hydrogen system installation is the same or less than building new grids or to upgrade the old and undersized existing ones. The reason why the transportation and distribution of hydrogen is probably even faster and less expensive is because most of the required infrastructure already exists. It requires no changes to the grid, as only readily available trucks, ships, trains or suitable natural gas pipelines are needed for blending the hydrogen it into the natural gas.


Our distant ancestors did not switch to using bronze, because they run out of stone. We too should follow their example by leaving fossil fuels where they are and switch to green hydrogen.  


Béla Lipták

Stamfordd, CT

The writer is the author of the textbook titled: "Controlling the Future".


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Béla Lipták,

 Energy and Automation Consultant



84 Old North Stamford Rd., Stamford CT,

T: 203 357 7614, E: lipta...@aol.com



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