Health Care Assurance for Obama, Personally

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Paul Wharton

Jun 28, 2012, 12:09:44 AM6/28/12
I am writing this before the Supreme Court ruling, tomorrow on

So many Americans do not want Government Health Care, but since one
man, Barack "The Kenyan" Obama does, why doesn't some private
individual give it to him, *personally*. We can call it Obama's
Health Care Assurance.

Now in America's economically depressed state, there is probably no
charitable man who is willing to pay enough to keep Barack "The
Kenyan" Obama alive for more than say...120, or 130 years, so there
will have to be cuts. And, how...we...will...cut.

Obama's Health Care Assurance needs to target the types of poor health
in which the puppeteering "President" would try to escape the noble
medical assurance. Note that this is not *insurance* which is
privately chosen and constantly controlled by the purchaser. This is
*assurance* which is government directed, involves the choices of
government agents, and is forced upon the subject with state

This post may raise some red flags with such accusations that I am
threatening the "President". Or, advocating torture disguised as
"medicine". So, I will post my defense ahead of time for the sake of
the readers.

Barack "The Kenyan" Obama is already advocating Government Health Care
Assurance--not just as one illegal act against an individual American,
but as bloody, butchery against an entire nation of over 300,000,000

I myself have tasted the suffocating trap of "health care" tyranny for
more than two and a half years. I endured not just physical
confinement, but mental anguish in the form of injections that
tortured my brain. If it wasn't for the bold, private efforts of the
gallant men and women of Eli Lilly & Company who crafted my salvation,
I would probably still be languishing in a confined stupor somewhere.

Is it wrong to do to a criminal, what a criminal has already been
doing to you on as large a scale as I have just described?

Paul Wharton
Objectivist Capitalist Medicine Promoter

Special thanks to Eli Lilly & Co. (LLY) for being the fuel of my mind
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