Swan thumb revisited

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David Dalton

Dec 14, 2022, 1:23:21 AM12/14/22
I mentioned this on alt.religion.druid recently and said I would
check my The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
when I returned to St. John’s, where I am now.

From https://www.nfld.com//~dalton/thumbs.html

Swan thumb

A fifth thumb occurred when I thumbed an edition of The Complete Works of
William Shakespeare and it came out to a page where there is a line about
swan down on the crest of a wave. Then I noticed on the bed next to the book
there was a piece of down from the lining of my winter coat. From this I took
Swan to be one of my minor SSOSOSS deities and also Bird4 to be one of my
minor SSOSOSS deities if the down is from a bird species other than swan. I
don't remember the exact Shakespeare quote, I think it was comparing a
woman's indecision to a piece of swan down on the crest of the wave. But I
taped the down to the page I thumbed and I'll check that the next time I'm in
Lake View and will then put the exact quote and the play name here.

I have the book now, and the feather is now white, so it could be
swan down, though I thought it had some brown in 1996 or 1997
when the thumbing occurred.

The quote is from Anthony and Cleopatra, Act III, Scene II:

Anthony: Her tongue will not obey her heart, nor can her heart
inform her tongue,---the swan’s down feather, that stands upon
the swell at the full of tide, and neither way inclines.

I haven’t read the whole play yet, and am not sure if the
quote is about Octavia or Cleopatra, but guess Cleopatra.

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