Shloka with padalAlitya_ proper version n meaning requested

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Aug 20, 2016, 7:09:35 AM8/20/16
I have come across a shloka recited in a few occassions during a
traditional BHOJANA (Lunch during a religious function).
The shloka given below is the recited and heard version.
I might have made mistakes in Alpa_prana, maha_prana, hraswa,
dheerga of the words. I request someone knowledgible in sanskrit
to decipher a proper shloka from this.

मेघानां च घटॊ घटॊ घट घटो घाटो घटॊ घंटिका ।
विद्वद्वं च शिखी शिखी शिकि शिकी शीकी शिखी शिक्शिका ।
भाकल्लोल भको भको बक बको बाको बको भक्षिका ।
राजा स्वस्ति विजया जया जय जया श्रीराज राजॆश्वरी ॥

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