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Apr 22, 2010, 9:03:55 AM4/22/10
to Huliganov and friends
Hi all! I discovered the Huliganov Russian lessons about a month ago
and have been going through them meticulously. I have managed to work
through all the old ones and have at last viewed all the recent ones.
I am now awaiting eagerly Mr Huliganov's next lesson. I want to say
these lessons are nothing like all the book and computer language
programs that I have ever tried to learn from but never got far with.
Mr Huliganov's program is teaching me! I am finally understanding the
structure of the Russian language. I never realised the importance of
pronouns and prepositions, but together with verbs I can see these
hold the key to understanding the structure of the Russian language
and it is all starting to make sense to me. And Huliganov's approach
is enjoyable on top of all that. I have bought exercise books and will
shortly embark on the goldlist method for my vocab. Thank you so much
for the fantastic lessons, Mr Huliganov. I am determined to learn
Russian so please don't stop producing them. From what I can see you
are the best thing that has happened to Russian language learning!

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