A unique life experience with the amazing long term memory

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John Patrickovich

Feb 10, 2010, 1:19:00 AM2/10/10
to Huliganov and friends
I'm happy to be a part of the group! I want to share a unique "long-
term" memory experience that i had. As a teenager, i learned to play
the guitar over a period of 7 years, devoting a substantial amount of
time to it, and became fairly proficient with it. Then i had an
accident at work and partially severed my thumb. The thumb was so
sensitive that i could no longer squeeze the guitar neck and gave up
the intstrument. Twenty-five years later my parents bought me a
guitar for my birthday and encouraged me to take it up again. I had
no memory left of how to play. Couldn't even make the most basic
chords. But the shocking thing is, within 30 - 40 days i was playing
at the same level that i played twenty five years earlier. I even
managed to "activate" (to borrow Victor Dimetrievich's term) the notes
of every song, no matter how complex, that i formerly knew. I would
start with the first few chords or notes. Over the course of several
days my hands would automatically go to the next sequence of moves,
until i remembered every note and nuance out of thin air.
I was so astonished by this that i decided to learn a second language,
because i previously thought that if it was "use it or lose it" who
wants to put so much work into something.
I'm at O level with Russian, having learned 2500 words the hard way.
(It took 15 to 20 or more reviews to get them into l/t, and who know,
maybe they are still just s/t?) No more. Any future words will be
learned with the goldlist system. Victor Dimetrievich, will you tell
me if i should go back and apply the goldlist systems to the
vocabulary i already have? Or will you address the matter in a
video? Vill you, von't you, vill you, von't you, vill you address it
in a video?


P.S. Thank you so much for everything, and God bless you.

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