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MJ Schreiber

Feb 26, 2010, 4:28:35 PM2/26/10
Thanks John... That helps me a lot. Guess I'll continue giving it a try.


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    John Patrickovich <> Feb 25 08:15AM -0800 ^
    Hi banjoplayer,
    Thanks for the personal email. I thought i would answer publicly so
    that others could benefit.
    First, i would like to say there was a link called
    that explained the goldlist in written form, and it was a very clear
    explaination. That link is now dead. If anyone knows where it is
    located, please post.
    I'll preface my answers by saying that i haven't tried the goldlist
    yet. My answers are baseed on remembering what i read at
    a month or two ago. The reason i haven't tried it is because i've
    been on pain medication for a knee surgery, and it just seems like
    common sense that i wouldn't get good results. I'm off the pain meds
    now, and will be starting my book. I'll post soon to give my
    Here are your questions:
    1) In the creation of the initial Head-Lists, what is the recommended
    > one in a given day? How many per week? Will this frequency gradually
    > decrease as you progress, since the words will naturally become more
    > difficult perhaps?
    I beleive it was no more than 10 headlists per day. But remember, as
    you begin to distill, your workload will increase.
    2) At the end of the 3rd Distillation (when you are left with perhaps
    > the words that would go into your Gold Book, or do you keep on
    > Distilling ad infinitum till ideally all the entries are assimilated
    > into LTM?
    After the third distillation you should be left with 7-8 words. So
    take the first 37 third distillation words in your book (#1) and
    distill to 25, thus you have your first "book #2 headlist" and then
    continue to distill as with book #1.
    3) The Distillation Process: What is the best methodology here? After
    > it one way would sort of disqualify you from doing it the other way,
    > as the data would now be "tainted", so to speak, by having looked at
    > the List, exposing it again to the STM.
    Look at the Russian word and see if you can translate it into
    English. Not sure about spelling. It seems to me at this point to be
    sure to know how the word ends, and if there is an unusual plural or
    declination. Also you should know what type of conjugation if a verb,
    and any irregularities.
    4) The Numbering System: Am I correct in understanding the numbering
    > system, should be numbered in the cumulative sequence of the Primary
    > Head-Lists, so that you can see the total of your ever increasing
    > vocabulary. Right?
    Your headlists are sequential. Also the 2nd distillation is
    sequential, and the 3rd and 4th, etc. So for example, somewhere in
    the middle of your book you would see the head list in 600's, the
    second dist in the 400's, 3rd dist in the 300's etc.
    Your first word of the top left page of book #2 would be word number 1
    of the 4th dist. Right?
    5) Finally for now: When you get up there, past 1000 or more words, is
    > run? Will your long term memory be able to let you know that "Hey,
    > Dude... You've already had that word back 1200 words ago! What, can't
    > you remember???!!!"
    Well it could probably happen, but it would mean that you don't
    remember the word. I think a bigger problem will be say, already
    knowing an adjective, and passing over a new noun because you thought
    you remembered learning it because you know the root. To minimize
    these problems, i plan to use a word frequency list to bring in new
    Hope this helps. If i have answered a question wrong, i hope that
    another user will correct.
    On Feb 17, 9:33 am, Banjolover47 <> wrote:


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