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Sep 26, 2022, 6:53:38 AMSep 26
to hugin and other free panoramic software

Dear Hugin list,

I downloaded the software to stitch together some images that we scanned with a scanner. I have 10 images with 37282 columns (X) and 24813 lines (Y). The 10 images together are one line. They align perfectly I do not need any rotation. I only have to shift the images in X direction. The images have a small overlap in X direction

In order to stich the images together I followed the tutorial Stitching flat scanned images ( I indicated following parameters

1.       10 in the HFOV(v)

Then I used the function Hugins CPFind to identify control points. I used the custom option for the geometric optimization. I only optimized TrX and TrY all other parameters are 0.

Everything works as expected. My problem is that I do not want to resample the images and I do not want to change the resolution. I only would like to produce the lign with the initial resolution of the images. The images align perfectly.

Now, I have problems to save the stiched images with the initial resolution. I modified already in the preferences “downscale final pano = 100 % of max width”. Then I tried to play around with the options in the sticher window. I use a rectilinear projection. But I cannot find the solution in order to keep the initial resolution of the images. I also do not want to resample the images.

As my images align perfectly in X direction I just want to output a line with a height of 24813 pixels. My initial images also have this height in pixels. I cannot find out how to do this with Hugin.

Thank you for your help !!!

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