libpano13-2.9.22 released

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Bruno Postle

Sep 11, 2023, 3:59:59 PMSep 11
to Hugin ptx
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libpano13 is the PanoTools library for panoramic imaging.

A libpano13-2.9.22 tarball has been uploaded to sourceforge, this is
a final release, identical to release candidate rc2:

This release should be binary compatible with previous versions - This means
that prebuilt Hugin executables should just work with this libpano13.

There have been some changes since 2.9.21:

* Fix some insecure data handling in command-line tools, this doesn't affect
Hugin usage. In particular the ShowScript and LaunchAndSendScript functions
have been replaced with non-functional stubs. These functions are not used by
libpano13 itself and have security issues.

* Clean-up some older deprecated C code, minor build improvements

* Fixes big endian check for Mac OS

* Write TIFFTAG_EXTRASAMPLE tag for files with alpha channel

SHA256SUM: affc6830cdbe71c28d2731dcbf8dea2acda6d9ffd4609c6dbf3ba0c68440a8e3 libpano13-2.9.22.tar.gz

This release is equivalent to HG 923:61865cbe74ba and 2.9.22_rc2

Here is the full ChangeLog since 2.9.21 for more details:

2023-07-31 17:21 +0200 tmodes <tmodes> (61865cbe74ba [tip] <libpano13-2.9.22>)

* file.c, sys_ansi.c:
Replaced ShowScript and LauncAndSendScript functions with non-
functional stub

These function are not used by libpano itself and have security
issues. Provide for now a stub with a message to stdout to keep the
ABI constant.

They will be removed completety in the next version.

2023-06-29 17:38 +0200 tmodes <tmodes> (3005eda747af [tip])

* adjust.c, file.c, filter.h, parser.c, ptpicker.c, ptutils.h,
sys_X11.c, sys_ansi.c, sys_mac.c, sys_win.c, tools/PTAInterpolate.c,
Removed ShowScript and LaunchAndSendScript function

They are not used by libpano itself. For external callers both
functions are only a thin wrapper around system calls

2023-06-22 21:03 +0200 tmodes <tmodes> (ad7616ee8c26)

* ColourBrightness.c:
Correctly initialize variable

Only needed when we exit with an error in between without running
the whole algorithm

2023-06-22 20:45 +0200 tmodes <tmodes> (271b8ab4bd66)

* ColourBrightness.c:
Use PrintError own formating instead of using a temporary string

2023-06-22 17:54 +0200 tmodes <tmodes> (18ed65577fbc)

* sys_ansi.c:
ShowScript: Check if file exists before opening vi

2023-01-21 16:23 +0000 Bruno Postle <> (778a20784e24)

* man/Makefile, version.h:
Bump version to 2.9.22

2023-01-21 16:11 +0000 Bruno Postle <> (da06997f4c2f)

* ColourBrightness.c:
Include <arpa/inet.h> if it is available, for the htons
function/macro (Florian Weimer)

2022-08-03 18:56 +0200 tmodes <tmodes> (4074ee48e255)

* panorama.h:
Fixes big endian check for Mac OS Patch by lacard

2022-05-13 17:10 +0200 tmodes <tmodes> (b15a90eb756b)

* tools/PTuncrop.c:
Ptuncrop: Fixes usage screen

2022-05-13 17:09 +0200 tmodes <tmodes> (bc7577ea6020)

* tiff.c:
Write TIFFTAG_EXTRASAMPLE tag for files with alpha channel (patch by
Kevin Mehall)

2022-03-31 17:16 +0200 tmodes <tmodes> (ecac1adc7bb6)

* tests/simpleStitch/simple.pto: deleted file.
* tests/simpleStitch/simple.pto:
Removed unused simple.pto

It is unused and were written by a very early Hugin version

2022-03-13 09:24 +0100 tmodes <tmodes> (4f255f7c9c49)

* pt_stdint.h: deleted file.
* CMakeLists.txt, ColourBrightness.c, PTcommon.h, panorama.h,
panotypes.h, pt_stdint.h:
Get rid of now obosolete wrapper pt_stdint.h

2022-03-13 09:23 +0100 tmodes <tmodes> (4d676676de11)

* rgbe.c, rgbe.h:
Fixes inline for newer compiler versions

2022-03-13 08:48 +0100 tmodes <tmodes> (99edb0ca8a2b)

* queryfeature.c:
Fixes assert

typeof is a gcc extension and not supported by MSVC

2022-03-12 09:01 +0100 tmodes <tmodes> (8c72869bd9f7)

* ColourBrightness.c, file.c, ptstitch.c:
Fix some more deprecated uint16/uint32 types

2022-03-06 13:49 +0100 tmodes <tmodes> (f56143ee0588)

* ColourBrightness.c, tiff.c:
Use uint16/32_t instead of depreacated uint16/32 types

2022-03-06 13:48 +0100 tmodes <tmodes> (c887e1348df6)

* CMakeLists.txt:
Added new lzma.dll name (Windows only)

2021-12-16 22:14 +0000 Bruno Postle <> (2d4aeb9ca433)

* ChangeLog.hg:
update ChangeLog.hg

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