developed view of a cylindrical surface (timber carver)

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OERTLI Werkzeuge AG

Sep 6, 2022, 9:12:31 AMSep 6
to hugin and other free panoramic software
Dear all

we are trying to stitch the 95 photos (each 3-4°) taken around a cylintrical tool for timbercarving. The surface has a DNA-helixlike optic.
All the single pics look ok and klicking one each other you will see a nice stop-motion animation.
But we cannot find the right settings to stitch the photos.

Here is a wetransfer with the pics. 

Any help + clues are very welcome.



Bruno Postle

Sep 6, 2022, 9:59:02 AMSep 6
to hugin and other free panoramic software
This isn't a typical use for Hugin. But you might be able to produce a result by cropping out a narrow vertical strip from each photo and stitching these together.

You can crop the photos by processing them in an image editor, or by adding masks in Hugin.

I wouldn't expect the automatic control point generation to work very well. You will probably have to add manual control points.

To keep all the strips the same size in the Hugin output I would set the output panorama format to 'cylindrical', and optimise only yaw and angle of view for your input photos.

If you do this you may only need one control point between each photo (not forgetting to connect the first and last photo).


Claudio Rocha

Sep 12, 2022, 10:55:50 AMSep 12
to hugin and other free panoramic software
To unroll a cylinder like this, Hugin is not the right tool.
Bruno is correct in pointing to the solution, you need to select a narrow column of pixels from each image, and compound them together into single a image of the unrolled cylinder. 
The technique is called slit-scan. There are plenty of scripts and tutorials online.
Here are some ideas:
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