Dagestan: the Relatives of the Kidnapped Gathered Outside the Prosecutor's Office

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May 16, 2012, 9:12:19 AM5/16/12
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Dagestan: the Relatives of the Kidnapped Gathered Outside the Prosecutor's Office
The prosecutor promised to take the investigation of cases under his personal control
On May 14, 2012 in the Republic of Dagestan, Makhachkala in front of the republican prosecutor's office the  relatives of the kidnapped and disappeared under mysterious circumstances the citizens of the republic Rashid Ismailov, Timur Danilin and brothers Magomed and Abdula Murtuzalievs met together. Around 50 people required to investigate the abduction and disappearance of their relatives, and let them know their location.
Three women from the audience were received by the Prosecutor of the Republic A.I. Nazarov. He listened to them and promised to take the investigation of cases under his personal control. Mother of Rashid Ismailov told "Memorial" that at the meeting with the prosecutor she required to say where her son was, to return him, and if he is guilty of something, to be charged under the law.
She also reported that the relatives of the abducted will be coming to the building of the prosecutor's office until their relatives will not be at home.
A resident of Makhachkala Rashid Dzhabrailovich Ismailov, born 1985, was kidnapped on May 8, 2012. As it reported in a written statement to the HRC "Memorial" by his mother Janna Askerovna Ismailova, that day he went to get a new job. When Rasheed came out of their apartment building in the courtyard he was barred by two black cars VAZ, out of which armed men in camouflage uniforms and civilian clothes came. Eyewitnesses told the mother, that unknown people forced Rashid to sit in one of their cars. Departing, the car of the kidnappers grazed a parked car in the yard. Squabble with the owner started. Rashid tried to escape from the car, but he was put back.
The relatives appealed with the fact of abduction to the prosecutor's office, but the statement was not accepted, citing a lack of staff at the weekend. On May 10, they came to the prosecutor's office again, and only due to the insistence of lawyer, with whom they entered into an agreement, their statement was accepted.
As of May 14 the location of Rashid is unknown.
In her statement, Jeanne also reported that on the same day, on May 8, at about 10:00 pm her eldest son Arslan Dzhabrailovich Ismailov, born 1977, returned home beaten. He told his mother that at about 2:00 pm, when he was placing the ladder at the work site, the two black cars VAZ drove to him. Armed men in civilian clothes forced Arslan in one of their cars, put a plastic bag on his head and the car left in an unknown direction. According to Ismailov, the car stopped on the road and one of the kidnappers, opening a window, said: "We are from the Federal Security Service (FSS)." Arriving in an unknown place, the kidnappers came up the stairs to the room with him. There he was tortured with electric shocks, beat, demanded to name those who blew up the traffic police post "Alaska" in Makhachkala on May 3 this year. The kidnappers said his brother Rashid was in one of the rooms - coming to life after being tortured. They threatened Arslan, that if he did not say who blew up the post of traffic police, they will "pin explosion on his brother Rashid."

At about 10:30 pm Arslan was brought to the city beach of Makhachkala. Letting him go, the kidnappers threatened him with punishment in case of complaints of torture and beatings.
Timur V. Danilin, born 1977, disappeared under unknown circumstances on March 25, 2012. This was reported by his wife, a resident of Makhachkala Oksana Danilina.
According to her, on this day, Timur had to fetch her by car after work. At 1:00 pm Oksana called her husband, but his phone was switched off. None of the relatives saw Timur that day and did not contact him by phone. Friends and family joined the searches. They called up police departments, hospitals and morgues. At about 10:00 pm Timur called from an unknown number. He told his wife that he was beaten, robbed and his car was stolen. He did not know his location, asked for help. Oksana gave the phone to her husband's cousin, Murad. From the conversation she realized that Murad was talking to the other person. Murad asked where Timur was. The interviewer introduced to be the regional department employee (later it was found out that his name was Arsen). He asked to come to Novolak village on Lenin Street and to bring 50,000 rubles.
Taking money the relatives in three cars drove to Novolak. However, having arrived in the village, they could not get on the phone the interlocutor and went to the Novolaksky police department. They were told that Timur was not there. Relatives went to look for him to Khasavyurt police department, but Timur was not there either. They returned home at 4 am.
On March 26 Timur's mother phoned the telephone number from which her son called. Arsen replied and invited her for negotiations with to Novolak. The relatives have decided that they were being deceived, and did not go anywhere. When the mother called again, Arsen told her that Timur was taken by police that was called by living in the neighborhood district Gadzhimurad Akayev. Arsene did not elaborate where Timur was taken. On the same day on the fact of the disappearance of her husband, Oksana wrote a statement to the Kirovskiy District Police Station in Makhachkala.
On March 27 Danilin’s relatives went to the FSS in Khasavyurt, where told about the incident. Employee by the name of Manatee asked about religion of Timur, his connections with the members of illegal armed groups. Relatives told him that Timur did not relate himself to any religion, worked as a cab driver. Relatives told him about the calls of Arsene. Manatee instructed his colleague Zakir to go along with the relatives to Novolak and find Arsen. When they met with Arsene at his home, he said that on March 25 he saw Timur in his garden. He said he was carrying clients. He was hit on the head, taken his phone and the car was stolen. He did not know where he was. Arsen told him that he was in Novolak and gave him a phone to call.
Arsen denied that asked the family of Timur to bring money to the meeting. He reiterated what he said on March 26 to the mother of Timur: neighbor called the police and Timur was taken away, he does not know where. This information was confirmed by witnesses - neighbors of Arsen.
Oksana Danilina addressed statements to the prosecutor and to the Ministry of Interior Affairs in the Republic of Dagestan. As of May 14 location of Timur Danilin is not established.
Magomed Temirlanovich Murtuzaliyev, born in 1981, and Abdul Temirlanovich Murtuzaliyev, born in 1982, disappeared under mysterious circumstances on March 7, 2012. As it was reported by their mother in a statement to the HRC "Memorial", that day the brothers left the house in their car toward the coast and did not return (http://www.memo.ru/eng/news/2012/04/02/0204121.html). As of May 14 location of Murtuzaliev brothers is not established.
May 16, 2012

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