Kabardino-Balkaria: Abducted Compelled to Sign Under Torture the Necessary Documents

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Kabardino-Balkaria: Abducted Compelled to Sign Under Torture the Necessary Documents

On March 26th, 2012, Islam Askerbievich Kurmanov, resident of Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria, addressed to Human Rights Center «Memorial» from the investigative isolation ward where he is detained. He informed that on March 17th he went to university for  a repeating an examination. At 10:15 am, he got off a minibus at the building of physico-mathematical faculty. When Islam started to go, he was knocked on the head from behind. When turning back, he saw two people with guns and in masks. They put Kurmanov into a silvery-colored car VAZ-2115, the man who was at a wheel wore a mask too.
They put a plastic bag on Islam's head, threatening with physical violence and took him away. According to Kurmanov, abductors hit him at the shoulders and at the head, threatened him with killing. The car stopped in five minutes. They entered a building. His hands, feet and plastic  bag on his head were tied with an adhesive tape. They made him sit down and started asking for the «terrorists'» addresses. Islam did not understand about what they were alluding. Then abductors made him tumble down on stomach and started to beat him and tortured him with electric current. Abductors threatened Islam with rape if he did not give them the necessary information.  During the beatings which lasted several hours, he often fainted. Then they picked Islam up and took him away in another office. There they made him sit and, after removing for a while the plastic bag from his head, they showed him some documents. Abductors declared that it was his testimonty and he should learnit by heart. As he was afraid of renewal of tortures, Islam signed the statement. Then they took his right-hand fingers and pressed them to a round object.
They put him into the car and took him to another place. Abductors told him that he had three minutes of thinking within which he would be killed if he refused to do what they demanded. After loading his gun, they hit him with a firm object. «I worried about my life and health, I promised that I will do everything as they said. Then they dragged me out  of the car, they took off the plastic bag from my head and put a cap. They planted something in my pockets and told that I should confirme that  it was mine», - Islam writes.
Policemen arrived with witnesses. «They took out of my pockets a grenade, a fuse, cartridges and drugs which, as I understood, they had earlier put in my pocket. They started to make photos of these objects», - reported Islam.
Then Kurmanov was taken to police department of the Urvansky district, Kabardino-Balkaria in Nartkal city. Islam was kept handcuffed. They took him to the third floor. During the whole time he was escorted by two men wearing masks which threatened him. Islam confirmed that he would sign every statement.
«Investigator Shogenov started to read statements. As I understood later,  it was those paper that I was compelled to sign after being abducted. Then Shogenov addressed to the man wearing a mask, told that statements were nonfolding and they left. Then, they came back, Shogenov rewrote statements and read out them. I was afraid of physical violence, therefore I signed all these statements.
Then they took me to detention center about 3.30 am», - Islam wrote in the statement.
According to him, the following day, they took him to Shogenov's office. There, he signed every paper without reading them. Islam affirms that Boziev, the assigned lawyer, arrived and signed some statements without having talked with his client. Then Kurmanov was sent  back to detention center.
Islam is afraid for his life and health. He is also afraid that abductors would take their revenge on him because he addressed to human rights activists.
Now Kurmanov is in an investigative isolation ward of Nalchik and is suspected of the perpetration of a crime, under the Art. 222 (Illegal Acquisition, Transfer, Sale, Storage, Transportation, or Bearing of Firearms, Its Basic Parts, Ammunition, Explosives, and Explosive Devices)of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation.

March 29, 2011

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