Ingushetia: Resident of Sunzhensky Region Abducted

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Mar 27, 2012, 3:57:41 AM3/27/12
Ingushetia: Resident of Sunzhensky Region Abducted

On March 22nd, 2012, around 9pm, at the station of Ordzhonikidzevsky (Sleptsovsky), Sunzhensky district, Ingushetia, unknown armed people abducted the local resident Abubakar Isaevich Tsechoev, born in 1978.
According to Ibrahim Tsechoev, Abubakar's brother,  he was abducted at the main pumping station of the state enterprise GPVK «Vodokanal», located at Kalinin Street, where Abubakar works as an operator. His collaborators at the station were the three witnesses of the scene, the electrician, the engineer and the security officer. According to them, the armed abductors, who wore camouflage and masks burst into the premises of the station. Three of them threw on Abubakar and started to beat him with the butt of their guns.  His collaborators were tied together at gunpoint. One of them, who tried to oppose to them, was also beaten. After handcuffing Abubakar, they took him into the street in a semiconscious state and put him in the car. The abductors remained at the pumping station during one more hour.
According to Abubakar's relatives, the abductors passed by the security check-point located on the road between the station of Ordzhonikidzevsky and Sernovodsk,  Sunzhensky district in Chechnya.
The Tsechoev's statement about their relative's abuction was refused by the office of MIA (Ministry of Internal Affairs) for Sunzhensky district of Ingushetia and they were adviced to come back after three days if Abubakar was not going back home until this time. Their statement was accepted at the Republican's Prosecutor's Office.
At the present time, Abubakar's whereabouts are still unknown. Islam Tsechoev,  Abubakar's brother is an applicant at the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).
On September, 23rd 2001, Islam Tsechoev and a resident of Chechnya, Salambek Khadisov, who did not known each other earlier, were detained in Sunzhensky district, Ingushetia.  The following day, the local court authorized the detention for three days.  The same day, they were illegaly taken to military base in Nazran, then they were beaten and delivered to Khankal where the main military base of Russian forces is. Here they spent five days in a hole dug in the ground. They only could go out when they were questionings,  and during these questionings, they were tortured. Afterwards, Salambek and Islam were transfered to the operational search office (ORB-2) of Staropromislovsky district of Grozny and finally released on October 12th, 2001. After their release, they moved with difficulty, they had the skin stripped from their feet, their faces and bodies were swollen and covered with haematomas.  Tsechoev's interests at ECtHR were represented by lawyers of «Russian Justice Initiative». On February 5th 2009, ECtHR condemned Russia for tortures of Khadisov and Tsechoev. For safety reasons, Islam Tsechoev left Ingushetia after adressing his statement to ECtHR.
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March 27, 2012

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