Dagestan: a Woman Reports Her Husband’s Abduction

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Dagestan: a Woman Reports Her Husband’s Abduction

On January 21, 2013 Mrs Dzhamilya Alkhanova, a resident of the village of Noviy Sulak of the Kizilyurt district of Dagestan, addressed the Human Rights Center Memorial in written. She reported the abduction of her husband, Mr Sarakav Alkhanov, dob 1977.

On January 20, at around 7 a.m., Sarakav left home and was going to penal colony №8 of Kizilyurt where he worked. Dzhamilya saw her husband closing the garden gate. According to her, then he had to walk around 200 meters in order to meet a driver who usually took him to work in a car.

When closing the house door Dzhamilya heard two shots. She rushed out of the house and reached the garden gate. Dzhamilya saw a man in mask standing near the gate. She also noticed some men’s figures nearby.

Dzhamilya was going to get into the street but the man in a mask shouted at her: “Close the door! Quick!” The woman entered the house and while closing the door heard her husband moaning. Dzhamilya started phoning Sarakav on the phone but he didn’t answer. Some time later all the calls were rejected. Then, Dzhamilya received an sms from her husband’s number: “I’ve left, don’t tell anybody. I’ll show up when I can.”

At around 8 a.m., on opening windows jalousie, the woman saw three armed men standing near the yard. One of them was wearing camouflage clothes, two others - black clothes. She said they were picking something up on the road. Then the men left.

Dzhamilya went outdoors in order to learn what the men were looking for. At the very place she saw the socks which she had put in her husband’s bag in the morning.

In the evening Dzhamilya called the driver who had been waiting for Sarakav in the morning in order to bring him to work. He reported that he had waited for Sarakav for some time in the morning but the latter hadn't shown off, and he left. The driver phoned Mr Alkhanov several times but he didn’t answer. Then he received an sms: “Don’t wait for me, I left with some friends for a long time. Don’t tell anybody.”

Dzhamilya said that she looked for neighbours who might have witnessesed but they told her they saw nothing.

She submitted an application on the abduction to the Kizilyurt inter-regional investigatory department of the Investigatory Board of the Investigatory committee in the Republic of Dagestan. Public prosecutor’s office in Kizilyurt declined to accept the application referring to the fact that it was submitted at the weekend. Kizilyurt district and city police departments said that there was no people named Sarakav among the detained.

In her application she requests the authorities to find her husband.

January 25, 2012
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