Ingushetia: Complicity with Boeviks of the Men Killed during a Special-Force Operation Is Denied by Their Relatives

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Apr 16, 2013, 5:03:25 AM4/16/13
Ingushetia: Complicity with Boeviks of the Men Killed during a Special-Force Operation Is Denied by Their Relatives

On 8 April 2013 in Dolakovo village, Nazran district, Republic of Ingushetia, five persons died during a special-force operation, which was aimed at the detection of participants of illegal armed groups. Four of the victims were suspects of the participation in illegal armed groups and one an official of the law-enforcement authorities.
According to information, which has been published on the website of the Russian FSB National Anti-Terrorism Committee, in the course of measures, aimed at the detection of participants of armed opposition groups, information about the possible stay of some bandits in Dolakovo village was received. At 5am the decision on imposing a regime of counter-terrorism operation was taken. In the undertaking of the operation the FSB office in Ingushetia and the Russian MIA were involved. During the armed confrontation, which lasted for several hours, Khavazh Magomedovich Ozdoev, born in 1982, Artur Magomedovich Pliev, born in 1975, Yakub Bamatgireevich Mankiev, born in 1986, and Ibragim Yusupovich Mestoev, born in 1987, were killed. Furthermore, an official of the internal troops of the Russian MIA and company leader, major Dzhambulat Magomedovich Amirarslanov, born in 1981, was killed in the gunfight (
In the meantime the relatives of Khavazh Ozdoev have told their version of the conduction of the special operation. On 8 April, at about 5am, siloviks placed guards on Stepnaya and Kambileevskaya streets, blocked two houses and began storming the house No. 35 on Kambileevskaya street, the home of the brothers Khavazh and Adam Ozdoev and of their cousin Artur Pliev.
According to Ozdoevs' sister, Zareta Ozdoeva, who was eyewitness of the incident, Khavazh, Adam and Artur woke up early and prepared for their morning prayer. After the prayer Khavazh left for the local school, where he was working as a fireman in a boiler room. As soon has he went through the house's gate, a volley of automatic gunfire went off. Hearing the shots, his brother Adam and his cousin Artur came out of the house. Artur ran to the gate but Adam shouted that they should run into the garden, so they ran off towards the garden. Artur was killed and Adam wounded but he managed to run sidelong in the garden.
Zareta, who didn't understand, what was happening, went to the gate. The siloviks, who were behind the gate, shouted at her to go away from the gate and threatened to fire a shot at her. The woman opened the gate and discovered her dead brother. Khavazh lied on his back with his arms stretched upwards. Zareta started yelling at the military men: ”What are you doing? Why did you kill him? You see very well that he's not armed!” She grabbed one of the siloviks at his clothes and tried to pull him into the yard. A military man pushed her away and another asked her, while pointing at the dead Khavazh: ”Is this Mestoev?” When he heard her negative response, he told Zareta, that Khavazh had shot at him with an automatic gun. According to Ozdoeva, Khavazh didn't carry a gun, when he left the house.
His relatives deny the siloviks' version, in which the Ozdoevs were showing armed resistance. According to them, it became obvious, that Khavazh was shot into the back, when they examined his body. This means, that he couldn't have been shooting at the military men, as the relatives argue.
Zareta Ozdoeva insisted, that the officers of power structures should search the house. During the examination they used Zareta as a human shield. They gave her a small video camera and thoroughly examined every room in the house and the yard. After that one of the military men transmitted over radio: “Everything is clear.” When the officers received evidence that there was nobody else in the house, one of them swore and told someone over the radio: “This isn't the right house, we should have gone to the second house from the left corner, and this is the second house from the right corner of the block.”
Then several siloviks went to the house of Yakub Mankiev, which is situated 100-150 meters away from the Ozdoevs' house. Another group of military men, the majority of them drunk, started to search the Ozdoevs' house again. This time they weren't acting in a hurry and involved neither witnesses nor the owners of the house. One of the officers asked the mother of the Ozdoev brothers, if they were in contact with Yakub Mankiev. The woman answered that they had a neighborly relationship and that they visited each other.
Furthermore, the officials took a saliva sample from Zarena against her will, explaining that it was needed for the identification of her dead brother.
According to the Ozdoevs, after the search, documents, computers, home appliances, jewelery, tools, mobile phones, financial savings, building materials, carpets, a mink coat, car tires and eggs from under the broody hen were missing. No documents have been produced by the siloviks.
It can be reasonably assumed, that the main target of the power structures officers was Ibragim Mestoev. He was on a visit at Yakub Mankiev's, when the siloviks came to him.
After Mankiev's house had been blocked, the siloviks let Yakub's father, Bamat-Girei Mankiev, pass to the place of the special operation. He entered into talks with his son and tried to persuade him to leave the house and to turn himself in. Yakub declined, explaining, that he couldn't leave the house, while he had a guest. Ibragim Mestoev, who was wanted under suspicion of having committed several crimes, didn't intend to turn himself in to the law-enforcement authorities either. Bamat-Girei Mankiev also tried to talk to him but he wasn't willing to negotiate. Only the women and children left the house. The residents of the neighboring houses were removed as well from the zone, were the operation was to be undertaken. The negotiations lasted for about an hour. After it  Bamat-Girei Mankiev was led back through the cordon and the storm on the house, by making use of heavy armor, began shortly. It lasted for more than six hours.
As a result, the house was demolished. Ibragim Mestoev and Yakub Mankiev, who were hiding in the basement, were killed.
The neighboring houses were damaged due to the explosions. The roof and the walls of the house of Maksharip Mankiev were destroyed. The barn of another neighboring house burned off.
The Investigative Committee of the Nazran inter-district investigation department of Ingushetia opened a criminal case regarding armed resistance against power structure officers during the undertaking of a special operation in Dolakovo village in accordance with Art. 317 (Encroachment on the Life of an Officer of a Law-enforcement Agency) and Part 2, Art. 222 (Illegal Acquisition, Transfer, Sale, Storage, Transportation, or Bearing of Firearms) of the Russian Criminal Code (
On 9 April the bodies of Yakub Mankiev, Khavazh Ozdoev, and Artur Pliev were handed out to the relatives for the burial. The whereabouts of Adam Ozdoev are till now unknown to the relatives. According to them, Adam was seized and brought to the republican hospital under guard. After rendering him first medical aid, he was taken to an undisclosed location.
As reported by the Operation Headquarters in the Republic of Ingushetia, the killed were active participants of a “Nazran criminal group". A number of terrorist crimes -  assassination and murder of officers of law-enforcement authorities and military men, numerous cases of blackmail of funds from local entrepreneurs – go on their account. Furthermore, there is information about the direct involvement of the bandits in the preparation and blowing up of a suicide bomber at the post of the street-patrol service on the administrative border of Ingushetia and North Ossetia-Alania, which was committed on 23 October 2012. As a result of this terrorist act three police officers died.
Yakub Mankiev's relatives contradict the information about his involvement in an illegal armed group. They claim, that during the negotiations with Yakub a representative of the FSB office of Ingushetia asserted, that the special service knew about his innocence. The only thing that was incriminating him, was hiding a wanted person.
According to the relatives of the Ozdoev brothers and Artur Pliev, they didn't maintain any relationships with boeviks and have never committed any unlawful acts. They led their life in an open way and earned their living through honest work. Adam and Khavazh worked at the secondary school of Dolakovo village: Adam was an informatics teacher and also fireman in the school's boiler room and Khavazh was a fireman. Two weeks prior to the described incident, Artur Pliev started his work as an office accountant at the same school. He lived with his relatives, but was planning to rent an own place in the same village near the school.
The relatives of the Ozdoev brothers and Artur Pliev are determined to achieve the withdrawal of the accusations of the victims, as well as their post-mortem rehabilitation and the calling to account of the persons who are responsible for their death. Further, they demand the release of Adam Ozdoev, who, in their opinion, is kept by power structures.

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16 April 2013
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