«We will Make You Love Russians!» Once again about tortures in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

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 «We will Make You Love Russians!»

 Once again about tortures in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA)

Since March, 8th, 2012 Farid Ramisovich Eldarov, born in 1988, Russian citizen, living in Moscow is detained in detention center of MIA in Khimki, Moscow area. He finished the fourth year of the Moscow aviation institute (МАI). His official place of residence is in Derbent, Dagestan where his mother Sonia Gasanova lives.
On March, 7th Eldarov spent the night in Krasnozavodsk, Moscow area at his friend Ramzan Shaykhaev. Except them, Ramzan's wife and three children were in the flat.
About 7am, after breaking down the door,  about 30 people  burst into the flat: representatives of special forces wearing masks and some people in plain clothes. They kicked men on the ribs to overturn men on the floor and put the handcuffs. They made them lie face down for about four hours. They searched the flat. Farid saw that they planted a weapon which was mentioned later in the report as a sawn-off gun. Judging by the number of participants and the fact they wore masks , the special operation aimed at finding a gang of terrorists, instead of peacefully-sleeping family with many children.
However the "show" went on. One of its participants was especially active:  he shouted at Farid and Ramzan, accused them of being «Wahhabites» and of «killing ours in Chechnya», and he threatened them with «slow and painful death».
About 3pm, Eldarov and Shaykhaev were taken to the police department (DIA) of Khimki where they were interrogated until 8pm. Investigators relieved each other, and the arrested men were transfered from an office to another.  Interrogation was accompanied by threats and insults. Then they told Farid that «nothing was used against him but that it was necessary to provide some information on Ramzan». He answered that he could not tell anything to discredit him. Then they promised that he will be released after examination.
Farid was taken to a separate office on the second floor of the DIA, for testing  presence of explosives. They cut off halves of hand nails. Then they put on his neck a loop attached to a wall at about the height of a person so that at any movement, he could came to suffocation, and after they began to beat him. They twisted his arms and legs, beat on fingers of hands and feet, threatened to rape him with a bludgeon and to «throw in prison» a photo of this act. Farid often fainted. They tried to make him slander Ramzan Shaykhaev, but he refused. Farid was tortured by six or seven persons by turn, he remembered some of them and could identify them. According to Farid, they were drunk or on drugs.
The scene lasted for three or four hours. Then they dragged him to the first floor to make  finger-prints. He could not go by himself. There he still fainted – they threw water on him and kept on beating him. At this moment, an agent of department of fingerprint analysis joined the torturers.
Everything was running by the same man who threatened Farid with slow death. Torturing Farid, he constantly repeated : «We will make you love Russians!».

He and his assistant tried to force Eldarov to put kneel down in front of him and again threatened with rape. Farid could not stand pain anymore and what he considered as a shame. «For four hours, he says, I reached such a point that I wanted to attack people who were beating me, only to be shot».
After gathering his last forces, Farid punched one of employees in the nose, and another in the jaw. They all attacked Farid with new force: they jumped on him, beat arms and legs and he could not protect his head from blows. Then  they again dragged Farid upward. Other arrested people saw, how he was dragged along the corridor and beat.
After dragging Farid on the second floor, they made him sit on a chair with difficulty and left him alone. In the night of March, 9th Farid Eldarov was transfered in another building – which he could not realize. There he was compelled to sign a declaration in which he was accused of minor acts of hooliganism. Therefrom Farid was taken away to emergency clinic. One of doctors who examined him demanded his immediate hospitalization, but  a second doctor signed the authorization to keep Farid under surveillance. Then he was brought back to detention center of Khimki.
On March, 9th the head investigator of investigating department of Khimki of  Main Investigating Department (GSU) of Investigative committee (SK) for the Russian Federation in Moscow area, D.N.Tropin brought an accusation against Farid Eldarov in accordance with part.1, art. 318 of the criminal code of Russian Federation:
«Article 318. Use of Violence Against a Representative of the Authority
1.Use of violence that does not endanger human life or health, or threats to use violence against a representative of the authority, or his relatives, in the line of duty,
shall be punishable by a fine in the amount up to 200 thousand roubles, or in the amount of the wage or salary, or any other income of the convicted person for a period up to 18 months, or by arrest for a term of three to six months, or by deprivation of liberty for a term of up to five years ».

On March, 10th, judge of Khimki city court V.A.Zharkikh with assistance of public prosecutor I.G.Bagaev decided to grant the petition of the investigator of GSU SК of the Russian Federation in choosing of F.R.Eldarov's preventive punishment in the form of close confinement. The judge agreed with investigator's opinion, stating that «if Farid was free, he could exert pressure upon victims, could go on  his criminal activity, or in another way  could prevent thruth from being established in this case». It seems to be that Mr Zharkikh and Bagaev, as well as the investigator Tropin, "did not notice", in which state they brought to court the one who could exert pressure upon «victims - policemen».
According to the law, after 48 hours from the beginnig of his detention, the suspect has to be arrested by court and transfered in investigative isolation ward; or he has to be released; or court could extend the term of detention to 72 hours (in this case the arrested person remains in detention center).
According to article13 of the Federal law «About custody of  people suspected and accused of perpetration of a crime », the detention in detention center can not exceed  ten days in a month and has to be connected with conducting investigating actions in the places located far from the investigative isolation ward.
Thus, Eldarov's detention in detention center is illegal.
We may suppose that they tried to bring him in an investigative isolation ward, but he was in a such condition that his admission was simply refused. Farid is now detained in detention center of Khimki. There Rosa Magomedova – lawyer of the Human Rights Center "Memorial" – met with him and wrote this story according to Farid's words. The lawyer saw Farida's swollen feet, a toenail was broken, a lot of fingernails were broken though they grew. On the head, she saw the remains of an oedema due to the blows.
The lawyer Magomedova went into action after Farid's mother Sonia Gasanova asked us for help. She told that on March, 8th investigator Tropin called her from Moscow to inform her that her son was detained . On March, 11th Sonia Gasanova met with the investigator, who, according to his own words  did not  know what to tell about the reasons for her son's detention. He asked if her son read the Koran. Sonia answered that he read it, but read also the Bible, and books about history of religion. Sonia underlined that  she and her son are muslims, but she sometimes visits churchs and does not see any contradiction.

Investigator Daniel Tropin gave to Sonia the phone number of a lawyer advised  by a Farid's friend. The meeting with the lawyer threw her into panic.. After describing in the darkest tones the state of her son, after explaining nothing about the criminal affair, the lawyer demanded her for unreasonable sum to maintain relations with the prisoner. Also unasked mediators who proposed their help to make Farid released began to be interested in «the budget of Eladarov's family».
The HRC «Memorial» and the Committee «Civil assistance» intend not only to observe  Farid Eldarov's destiny, but also to give him the support of a qualified lawyer. In the following days, the lawyer will familiarize with material of the criminal case. Meanwhile we will address to the Public Prosecutor's Office concerning the tortures underwent by Farid.
Sonia Gasanova suggests that the reason for events of March 7th is Ramzan's and Farid's visit to funerals of a Russian friend become muslim and with whom they attended the same mosque of Bolshaya Tatarsky street in Moscow. According to  Gasanova, their friend was killed during a special operation to neutralize «the Khimki gang», about which there were some messages in mass-media (see in Russian: http://lenta.ru/articles/2012/02/29/himki/).
According to Farid's mother, they were not close friends , but he considered it to be his duty to pay a last tribute to him.

Svetlana Gannushkina

March 22, 2012

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