Protest outside Entrance to Moscow Government for Protection of the Rights of Residents of Illegally Privatized Hostels in Moscow

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May 25, 2012, 10:06:00 AM5/25/12
Protest outside Entrance to Moscow Government for Protection of the Rights of Residents of Illegally Privatized Hostels in Moscow

Since May 17, 2012, the residents of former hostels in Moscow (illegally transferred to the ownership of commercial agencies in uninhabited fund) have been conducting an open-ended and round the clock protest outside the entrance to the Moscow Government.  They are protesting against the widespread arbitrariness of businessmen, that is, homeowners and their officials (Vch Hostel No 62112, AMO ZIL, Moscow Textiles Factory “Krasnaya Rabotnitsa”, “Trekhgornaya manufactura” company, Kamov Helicopter Factory, Glavmosstroy etc).
With the connivance of the Prosecutor's office, representatives of commercial bodies and their officials have been privatizing former hostels with people which for a long time have been the only form of housing available to the workers of these enterprises (including the transfer to uninhabited fund), after which:

without the court's permission, they evict citizens living on premises to which they were lawfully moved  as workers in these enterprises;

without the agreement of the residents, without providing alternative accommodation and without applying to the courts, they demolish the walls and renovate the former hostels to rent the premises as offices;

they force citizens to pay hotel rates for their housing, and if residents apply to law enforcement agencies, they switch off the electricity, gas and water and block the way to occupied housing and do not register family members;

in defiance of numerous court rulings to satisfy citizens' claims and the nullity of the privatization of the homes, they do not transfer the homes to municipal funds;

and they treat residents with cynicism, which include children and disabled people, openly acting with arbitrariness and other acts of intimidation, using bodily harm and death threats.
The Moscow authorities and Prosecutor's office are not taking any measures on the numerous complaints by citizens, MPs and human rights organizations, simply sending people to the courts.

The protesters are demanding the mayor of Moscow to put an immediate end to this arbitrariness and to create a permanent Working team under the Government of Moscow, charged with resolving the problems of residents of former hostels, with the assistance of members of the Government of Moscow, and also activists from enterprising groups from the hostels.
The protest camp outside the entrance to the Government of Moscow is organized by the Movement of Hostels in Moscow and the Moscow Region, and the Revolutionary Workers' Party, and is located outside the entrance to the Government of Moscow at 13 Tverskaya Street.  It is a round the clock protest and is attracting a large number of participants.

We request members of the media to take an active part in raising awareness of the protest.

For additional information call:
+7-968-75-60-556, Galina Dmitrieva
+7-916-737-10-33, Alexander Zimbovsky
+7-926-531-88-59, Sergey Sharlov

May 25, 2012
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