Court Dismissed Action against Memorial Brought by Lawyer Krasnenkov

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Jul 4, 2012, 7:50:39 AM7/4/12
Court Dismissed Action against Memorial Brought by Lawyer Krasnenkov
Representative of Kadyrov unsuccessfully attempted to save face

Today, 4 July 2012, Tverskoy Court, Moscow, dismissed the action against the Human Rights Center Memorial brought by A.A. Krasnenkov, who represented the interests of the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadirov, in some cases.

Krasnenkov alleged that some phrases in the article published on “Memorial's” web-site on 30 September 2010 ( contained slander based on unreliable information. Specifically:

Ramzan Kadyrov’s Representative Misleads Journalists”;

Andrey Krasnenkov, Ramzan Kadyrov’s representative in criminal case that charges Oleg Orlov with libel, regularly gives misleading information to journalists”;

Previously, in the course of pretrial investigation of criminal case against Orlov, Krasnenkov was trying, in a similar way, to mislead the investigation, too”;

Krasnenkov misrepresents facts deliberately”;

Thus we can state that Ramzan Kadyrov’s representative, Andrey Krasnenkov is telling lies in attempt to slander HRC Memorial and the Head of its Board, to mislead the media, similarly to what he had been trying to do during the investigation. Kadyrov’s representative is giving account, no less detailed, of a number of other events related to the meetings of the President of the Chechen Republic with human rights activists, etc.” (see the text on the action (in Russian):

Krasnenkov asked the court to order Human Rights Center Memorial to deny this information and to collect from our organization half a million rubles “in respect of non-monetary damages”.

In the objections to the action (see the text of the objections (in Russian):, representatives of Memorial Sergei Davidis, Anna Karetnikova and Oleg Orlov stated that the phrases which Krasnenkov demanded be denied fully reflected reality.

Judge Tatyana Fedosova, having listened to both sides, decided to refuse to satisfy the claim.

After the hearing, Krasnenkov announced that he did not agree with the decision the court and would, without fail, appeal it.

See also the material on the criminal and civil cases Kadirov v. Orlov:

4 July 2012

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