Kabardino-Balkaria: Resident of Baksansky District was Twice Illegally Detained

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Kabardino-Balkaria: Resident of Baksansky District was Twice Illegally Detained

On March 27, 2012, Khadis Kodzokov, a resident of Dugulubgey village of the Baksansky District in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, appealed to the Human Rights Centre “Memorial” with a written statement. He claimed that on March 24, around 10 pm, he saw people in camouflage and masks in the yard of his house. They broke into his home and took him to the yard. He managed to ask his parents to inform the lawyer Elena Bayramkulova about his detention. Masked people put him in a silver car (a VAZ-2114) and drove him to a police department of Baksansky district. Khadis was then taken to a room and afterwards joined by police officers. One of them began shouting and punching him in the face.
He was thrown on the ground and asked if he knew anyone hiding from the police or having something to do with illegal armed groups and if he had ever helped those people. Getting negative answers a policeman started beating him with the shoulder stock of his rifle. Security officers threatened Khadis that, if he would not give useful information, he would “find himself in the Baksan river with a grenade in the pocket”. Then they put him on a chair and asked him how he knew the lawyer Elena Bayramkulova and why he chose her for defending his interests. Khadis answered that he did not choose Elena expressly and that she was the only free lawyer in the office.

In his declaration Khadis states that he hired Elena Bayramkulova after the detention of his brother Eduard Kodzokov on March 12. On that day police officers came to Kodzokovs’ with a search warrant. They found a grenade and took away both Khadis and Eduard. After the interrogation they dropped out Khadis not far from the martial court. Eduard was charged with part 1, Article 222 (illegal purchase, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or possession of arms, elements of arms, munitions, explosives and explosive devices) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Khadis is one of the main witnesses called by the defence in the criminal case against Eduard and had to give his testimony.

On March 24, after the beatings, one of the police officers ordered Khadis to lay down, sat on a chair put on him and began asking why Kodzokov has a certificate attesting participation in the military actions. At the same time he continued insulting him. Khadis claimed that he is indeed a veteran, having served in Chechnya in the internal troops of the Ministry of Interiors and having been rewarded.

According to him, the policemen that beat him were drunk.

When Khadis was detained at the police department, his relatives and the lawyer Bayramkulova were looking for him. The lawyer wrote a complaint to the Prosecutor’s office about abuses committed by police officers.

On March 25, at 4 am, Khadis was released.

On March 26, he passed a medical examination. Specialists registered a contusion of the thoracic cage, bruises on the head and legs.
Khadis, sent to the Prosecutor's office a complaint against police brutality. Meanwhile, he fears for his life and health and is scarred by possible reprisals from the police.

April 2nd, 2012

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