Tomorrow: Press Conference “Massive Falsifications in the Putin’s Motherland”

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Mar 28, 2012, 8:48:54 AM3/28/12
Tomorrow: Press Conference “Massive Falsifications in the Putin’s Motherland”

On Thursday, March 29, at 12 am, at the Independent press centre of Moscow (17/9 Prechistenka street), the following press conference will take place:

Massive falsifications in the Putin’s motherland

The results of the monitoring campaign of the elections carried out in Saint Petersburg

Press conference’s participants:
Aleksandra Krylenkova, head of the association “Observers of Petersburg”
Ivan Kvasov, coordinator of the association “Observers of Petersburg”
Dmitry Oreshkin, independent political scientist and co-founder of “The League of Electors”   
Michail Shneider, regional activity coordinator of the project “Citizen Observer”

The March 4th presidential elections in the native town of the principal candidate resulted in massive falsifications, that were registered thanks to the well organized work of civil activists. In order to train new observers the association "Observers of Petersburg" developed and launched its training programmes immediately after the December Duma elections, teaming up with members of the federal movements - "Citizen Observer" and the "League of Electors". As a result, on March 4, "Observers of Petersburg" was able to contribute to the monitoring in every area of the city with an average presence of two observers and one member of the district electoral commission. Observers were backed by a  call-centre system made up by a team of three operators and one lawyer-consultant for each territorial electoral commission. Moreover 80 mobile monitoring groups were organized.
In the end, the activists registered 854 violations of the electoral code in Saint Petersburg. 356 observers and members of the commissions were not allowed in polling stations under farfetched and false pretexts. 220 of those who were admitted were expulsed before the counting of votes began. In more than 50 electoral district the  chairmen of the electoral commission fled with the protocols, without giving copies to the observers.
After comparing data from protocols with those of the automatic electoral system, it resulted that about 10% of protocols were rewritten.
However, what impacted the most the elections was the result of districts where more than 70 people voted at home and where “temporary” polling stations (that the observers did not manage to find out) were set up. There more than 90% voted for V. Putin. Now the city activists decided to found a new association, the “Observers of Petersburg”. Major projects have already been launched, like a permanent school for electoral observers, a school for municipal deputies, a project focused on environmental protection and several socio-cultural projects.   

At the press conference we will talk about the gross violations that occurred during the elections in Saint Petersburg and also about the perspectives of the observers movement in the Northern Russian capital.

For additional information, please, call Aleksandra Krylenkova: +7-921-412-05-04

March 28, 2012

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