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Alexander Bock

Apr 22, 2010, 10:13:30 AM4/22/10
to Home++ Issues
Hello everyone,

how come the app drawer shows 5 rows with each 4 icons but the desktop
(sic?) itself shows less?

I think it would be really great if Home++ could let the user select
the number of rows and icons per row. Would that be possible?


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Apr 25, 2010, 2:00:11 PM4/25/10
to Home++ Issues
That is a very interesting idea. However, I feel like that destroyes
the reason for having multiple desktops. Window clutter is a huge
problem on Windows, but not linux, why make it a problem? If anything,
we should just allow for more than 7 desktops.

As for my own feature requests, I have three and three only:

1) Allow for Live wallpapers to be used as backgrounds
2) Allow for themes and skinning
3) Get some kind of application dock widget similar to MacOS

Honestly, Home++ is my favorite home replacement right now, but
HelixLauncher is a step ahead; they already have item 1 down. I'm too
cheap to want to buy one of the theme home replacements, I would like
a free one to be available. But at any rate, Home++ does beast, so
keep up the good work!

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