Wireless Freeze-Up and Application Tray Issues; WiFi/Bluetooth/Powerbar Suggestions

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Jul 27, 2010, 10:56:14 PM7/27/10
to Home++ Issues
Every time I used a wireless widget to turn on or off my wireless, my
phone would lock up (Samsung Moment with Android 2.1). It would not
respond to opening/closing the phone, pressing the home, back, or menu
soft buttons, or even the power or talk buttons. The only thing I
could do was take the battery out, put it back in, and restart the
phone. Naturally, I thought it was just an incompatibility between the
widget and Home ++. However, about half to three-fourths of the time I
go into the Wireless options on my phone and turn Wireless off by
unchecking the box, the phone freezes again.

Also, an option that would be really neat are built in power bar
shortcuts (or at least widgets) to turn on and off wireless and
bluetooth capabilities. To compliment these programs, maybe write some
software that would allow the phone to auto-connect with previously
recognized/paired bluetooth headsets (when bluetooth is turned on).

Themes would be greatly appreciated too. Not just widgets and such,
but also different color schemes/formats for the regular status bar
(when used in Home ++, if it is possible) or the Home ++ power strip.
The option to make my power strip and status bar black and shiny would
be cool, or any other color for that matter. Either built-in (via an
update) or download-able (but preferably built in). Out of curiosity,
do the themes for things like OpenHome, aHome, dxTop, Zeam, etc. work
for Home ++? If not, that could be a huge boost to the marketability
of the program.

Also, one thing that have DESPERATELY been looking for is a different
lock screen clock. Maybe on the lock screen give the option to have an
analog clock. Also, maybe double-taping the back soft button on the
home screen could bring a pop-up analog clock for a certain amount of
time (or until the user hits the back key again)...almost like looking
at a wristwatch, if you will. Not sure if this is changeable via Home +
+ (and if not, this would be a nice thing for the Android developers
to look into).

Finally, one area that could be looked into would be the application
tray. It seems when opened, it loads the list of applications in
random order, then reorganizes them alphabetically (not sure if that
is the "Lazy Load" function that I have enabled on Home ++). Sometimes
it takes several minutes for this tray to load and sort out. A quicker
version of this would be nice.
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