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Kashif Khan

Feb 4, 2023, 2:54:25 AMFeb 4
to how to spy on iphone free
Is someone spying on your iPhone? Spyware is a type of malware (or app) that sneaks around your phone, tracking your online activity, monitoring your keystrokes, and even activating your camera and microphone. Learn how to tell if someone is spying on your iPhone, how to remove iPhone spyware, and why a strong security app like Avast One should be your first line of privacy protection.

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If you want to skip straight to the spyware removal steps, jump down now to find out how to remove spyware from an iPhone and get started immediately. But if you’re curious how that junk got on your phone in the first place, keep reading, because we've got answers.

This guide will show you how to spy on an iPhone and be able to access all conversations happening on the target iPhone, including phone calls (and logs), WhatsApp, text messages, iMessage, other main social networks, GPS positioning, emails, and lots more. You will find out the techniques that really work for everyone. They are all easy to use and allow you to spy on iPhones without jailbreaking them. And without having physical access to the target iPhone or iOS device.

How to tell if someone is spying on your iPhone

Wondering how to detect spyware on an iPhone? Let’s learn about iPhone spyware detection, and the most obvious signs to look out for to tell if someone is spying on your iPhone.

Well-functioning iPhones should not overheat. If your device feels unusually warm or hot, this may indicate someone is spying on your iPhone. Of course, spyware installation is not the only reason for an overheated phone, so don't panic.

You may just need to learn how to clean up your iPhone, and all devices can also benefit from removing unnecessary junk files and apps.

Drained battery
Is your battery constantly dying? Spyware works behind the scenes 24/7 to spy on your digital activity. That's why a rapidly draining battery is a sign of iPhone spyware. Ripping through data is normal if you stream video or play lots of online games, but if your battery’s draining at an unusually fast rate, that could mean you have spyware on your phone.

Unusual messages
Are random pop-up messages appearing on your iPhone when you browse? Unsolicited ads might indicate spyware infiltration, as spyware is often bundled with adware. Disruptive messages may also come in the form of text messages, or app notifications if you’ve jailbroken your phone and installed apps from outside the App Store.

Excessive data usage
Just as spyware will drain your battery, it will also deplete your data. Spyware uses your own mobile data to send out the information it collects on you. That means that you’re paying to send a stalker, hacker, or unwanted snoop data on your digital activities (and maybe even video and audio footage). If your iPhone is slow for reasons other than extreme data usage, check out our guide to learn how to speed up your iPhone.

New apps
Another way for spyware to get on your iPhone is through parents or suspicious partners secretly installing monitoring apps. If you find unknown apps on your phone that you don't remember downloading, that can indicate that someone else has access to your iPhone.

Any of the above symptoms could mean that iPhone spyware has slipped onto your device. But there may be other, more benign explanations, and ultra-stealthy spyware may not leave an obvious footprint.

The only way to know for sure if spyware or other malware is on your phone is to use a dedicated cybersecurity tool. Avast One features award-winning threat detection that can flush out even the very latest and most advanced privacy and security threats.

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