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Dan Driscoll

May 30, 2022, 1:47:48 PMMay 30
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Fellow Randos, Speaking as a fellow RUSA member, not necessarily as an RBA or RUSA Board member, with my thoughts on RUSA Awards, they are a really Good Thing!!! Would you please take the time to fill out the RUSA Awards Survey that was emailed to you?? And ask others to do so as well. 

Pasted below. 

There are 7 RUSA Board members for a good reason, we don’t always agree, which is actually a good thing, and when we vote there needs to be a final decision. The Board may disagree on what membership would want, thus this short survey, as every RUSA Board member should be voting for what they think memberships (their constituents) wants.  

For RUSA Awards, some of the Board thinks we have too many, some just enough and others (like me) feel that as long as any new Award promotes some aspect of RUSA and has a following, and helps engagement and growth, it’s a good thing. So, RUSA wants member input for guidance about RUSA Awards and their future, if any. 

Please, please take the time to fill out the attached survey if you have not already.

Not every RUSA member is motivated by every RUSA Award, and thus there are hopefully enough different RUSA Awards that at least one appeals to most. Some are geared to riders that would rather ride shorter rides, some to riders that like longer rides and others to everyone in-between. Even if Awards don’t Trip your Trigger, you may know others that are very motivated by RUSA Awards and enjoy them, and that alone, may be reason enough to keep them and have more of them to possibly promote other facets of RUSA, things like Gravel, Super Sixes, Audax, Team Events, Climbing……. 

I and most I know are actually extremely motivated by RUSA Awards and they do a great job to keep us engaged in RUSA and are Super Tools for us to use to lure in new recruits and keep existing members engaged.  

RUSA has a HUGE investment in terms of manpower (Board, Committees, Volunteers and Route Owners)  in several newer facets of Randonneuring including Audax, Gravel and SR 600km. Thoughts are, that some Awards could help theses newer facets of Randonneuring gain some traction. Sure only a fraction of our total membership may participate in any one Award, but traction can create more growth.

RUSA Awards sales actually nets RUSA a profit, so Awards actually help to keep RUSA membership dues down.

The ACP Randonneur 10,000 Award includes a climbing component requirement, that has really helped the SR 600 ridership grow, although those rules are changing, to drop the SR 600. We’d love to hear your thoughts on ideas for Climbing Awards, with PBP training starting now, for many of us, hills are on the menu ;=). 

Your Survey / Vote matters…….please make your opinion heard. If this works out the RUSA Board may offer up more Surveys. 

Thank You Very Much,
Randonneurs USA (RUSA) and other international randonneuring organizations recognize those who have achieved milestones in their randonneuring endeavors with awards. Some of these are published in our American Randonneur magazine and on our website. Most awards also have a corresponding medal, plaque or patch available for purchase. 

This brief three question survey is being administered to gain input from the membership at large about randonneuring awards and the type of awards that may be motivating to some members (ie. continuous riding, accumulated distance, short distance focused, geography specialty long-distance focused, etc...). We are also interested in getting your pulse on some possible other ideas for recognition as well.  

Additionally, we also recognize that awards may not be a motivating factor for everyone, but they may be for others. In this case, we hope you support them as part of our overall program. 


Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts on which awards may appeal to you to ride more kms, more places, more continuously. 

Bonne Route...

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