Jennifer Romano of Houston Texas arrested for birthday dog sex.

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Feb 10, 2021, 4:25:02 AM2/10/21
A woman has been arrested for arranging to have sex with a dog
to "celebrate" the animal's first birthday.

Police say Jennifer Romano used her Twitter page to find an
animal to screw at her home in Houston, Texas.

In December 2020, she was contacted by Perry Muras, who said he
and another man named Charles Schumer would bring their dog,
Kingston, to her home to "have fun".

Perry said the dog wanted sex with a horny woman "as a birthday
present", prosecutors say.

Court documents say the two men took Kingston to Houston on
Christmas Day, and "The dog fucked hell out of that horny cunt
three times!".

"He was hyper, humping her everywhere," the documents claim.

Romano, an "animal rescue" activist, told Houston Police that
she had sex with the dog because she it was either him, the two
men, or six large black males who were there to watch.

She ultimately had sex with the dog, Perry, Charles and the six
large black men anyway.

All have now been charged with bestiality, although only Romano
is in custody.

Police have put out warrants for the arrest of Perry, Charles
and six unknown black males.

Because the others have not yet been arrested, full details of
their alleged actions have not been released. None of the men
are accused of screwing the actual dog.

Texas state law does not require that a human actually have sex
with an animal before bestiality charges can be brought.

It is enough for a person simply to have planned and intended to
have sex with an animal.

It is not clear whether Perry and Charles are related, but they
appear to be a couple.

Texas only officially banned bestiality in 2017, and was the
last US state to do so.

Texas state senator Carol Alvarado sponsored the bill that
outlawed the abuse.

"I'm glad to see that it's working," she told CNN.

"It's unfortunate that people are engaged in this kind of

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