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Oct 9, 2021, 5:34:37 AM10/9/21
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Hussain <>: Oct 08 01:42PM +0200

Great feedback Gert,


> For phones, my issue would be that there are several options of existing

devices that can be repurposed. (And they tend to support Android and its

variants as well, which gives options if the alternative distro does not

work for the user) (Taking a list at the devices with Ubuntu Touch versions

are interesting... A few have it officially available, but many more can be

reflashed - several OnePlus . Google / LG / Xiaomi / Sony devices)


I considered this as well. But Android has many problems:


* increasingly closed-source

* too much passive data collection(possibly even at the hardware-levels)

* not modular, built to last only 2 years or less(the EU forcing

support for 7 years will be interesting)

* very few devices that can be flashed in SA(I checked and there's

only a few)

* the flashing of alternate OSes is 'hacky', whereas a pinephone has

first-class Linux support


> Existing devices might also make sense to import, like the Purism Librem

5, Shiftphone, Volla Phone or the Fairphone (and the PinePhone

> Laptops (and possibly tablets) might do better though. It might make


to start by importing brands like System76, Pursim, Olimex, Technoethical,

Vikings or ThinkPenguin


This is the goal. Primarily with laptops first, then phones and maybe

tablets. Never heard of some of these brands, thanks for that update.


> I do think that smaller companies might have IT departments

interested in

buying modular (at least end-user replaceable batteries) laptops that they

can easily maintain. (But they are unlikely to be willing to pay a huge

premium for it though)


Linux-specific laptops? I figured most companies just buy

Windows-licensed hardware and very few let their devs use Linux unless

specifically requested by the devs themselves.


Thanks again for the feedback.


Much appreciated.





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