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Aug 23, 2017, 6:09:25 AM8/23/17
to house4hack

I am working on a mesh network based on ESP8266 and it all seems to be working fine using sample code from EasyMesh by Coopdis. In his/her example, 3 ESP8266's enroll in the mesh and serves a simple web interface. This is working perfectly for me too.

In my solution however, I need one of these nodes to be connected to the internet so that the entire Mesh can access it (or at least the mesh can be accessed). This is also mentioned in the ESP8266 Mesh User Guid Documentation (page 4) from Espressif. I've also found a couple of other documents they publish all talking about this as it's just normal but without any example code that I could readily understand.

How do I configure the mesh to also connect to a router. Is it as simple as using the same SSID and Pass key for the mesh network as I'm using on my Wi-Fi router or do I need to make something like a Raspberry Pi part of the Wi-Fi mesh which can then be connected to my router via the Ethernet connection? I don't think the latter should be required from the research I've done though.

I need the hello world sample code for this. AT commands are not going to help me, I think.

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