Video Game Tester - The Scam of Video Game Testing

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Woodrow Carter

Oct 6, 2009, 8:22:15 AM10/6/09
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Yes that is right, there are huge scams running in the video game
testing career, and that's with the "sure fire programs". Not only do
these programs not work, but they are unreputable, not worth the
money, and not true. So in this article, I hope to shed some light on
some video game testing myths and scams for you.
The scams of video game testing

You cannot earn $80 an hour, even in full-time, as a video game
tester. This is a fact! The average video game tester only gets paid
about clost to minimum wage. But your pay does not rely soley on your
work! Oh no, this is a common misconception! When video games are
being made, there is a game budget. Now in that budget, there is a set
budget for video game testers, if you become a professional. But if
you're just starting out, your pay will most likely be about $9-$10
and hour. If your a professional, it can grow to up to $12-$15 and
You shouldn't be paying in order to get a job. These video game
testing programs state that they are what you're supposed to use in
order to get a job as a video game tester. This is false. You do not
have to pay in order to become a video game tester. These programs do
not work and there are tons of examples that show that they are a
scam! If you want to know, a popular program is game tester guide. The
creator is Alex Lum, and the so-called satisfied customers checks are
from Alex Lum to Alex Lum. If you are to look up his name on google,
it only says that he's a successful video game tester. He does not own
a company. So why then does he pay people to join his program if he
claims that you get paid by companies? You might find that the
"company" paying the people is Lumco LLC. But if searched on google,
it does not exist.
You do not get mailed any video games. That's right people, you do not
test video games on consoles at your home. Now this can happen with
online games such as maplestory when it first came out, but if it's a
console such as the xbox 360, you're not going to be mailed any video
games. This is just a risk that companies need to take so then their
games don't get copied and resold. It's a safety measure that's works

These are real scams that people fall for everyday. So try your best
to not be this person or you'll lose tons of cash that you can use to
spend on video games!

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