Is the any revial project, other than HotU_net, alive?

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Apr 4, 2015, 10:59:40 AM4/4/15
Is the only one alive & active?

I have seen an announcement that is going to shutdown (but strangely that announcement is not there anymore and no other announcement was made, the last update is from 2010; I was also unable to email the admin (email can't be delivered)).
As for other revival projects I was unable to google any.

Overall, if there is someone else than me still doing it, please contact me!


Dec 14, 2015, 9:35:32 AM12/14/15
to Home of the Underdogs Revival Project
OK, since is the last one alive it seems, we will be going with reorganization. There is an important discussion about the future of HotU going on on the GoogleGroups:!forum/home-of-the-underdogs it's highly recommend you check it and spean NOW (you can read it since it's public, to participate just subscribe to the group you will be given access in a day or two). Most likely we will be electing a HotU Council and give it a try to push it forward.

I would also like to thank numerous people who helped with the restoration of the site (preserving the images, sites that kept the old HotU votes (which weren't in the original data package) and all the people who offered help along the way).
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