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May 12, 2017, 8:14:27 PM5/12/17
to Host-sFlow
Hello all,
          1. Is there any plugins available to add ,inorder to monitor the metrics -(process ,memory ,Disk usage)  per CPU core  in sflow hsflowd service on windows?

          2. I went through the source code for sflow and i came across few questions & issues .
                Question: Is there a way to monitor metrics -(process ,memory ,Disk usage)  per CPU core ,if i add few custom codes with the existing build ?

                Issues:If possible to do by changing the source code .Here are the issues i ran through 
                           - when i load the .sln file into visual studio and build the solution ,i got a build error with few specific files are missing

Please suggest me with any ideas or with alternative ways to monitor the (process ,memory ,Disk usage)  per CPU core .



Stuart Johnston

May 22, 2017, 6:56:50 AM5/22/17
to Host-sFlow
There's no way with the current Windows sFlow agent to add monitoring per CPU core. You could of course change the code to do this, assuming that the metrics are available, but one issue is that host sFlow doesn't define a way to export CPU usage per core, so you would have to use a proprietary extension which collectors wouldn't understand. I'm not sure how you could monitor memory or disk usage per core, memory and disk IO is normally global to the system.

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