HOOMD-blue 3.10.0 release

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Joshua Anderson

Mar 15, 2023, 8:09:48 AM3/15/23
to hoomd...@googlegroups.com

HOOMD-blue v3.10.0 is now available. Thanks to all who tested, submitted bug reports, and contributed code! The source code and Docker images are available now. The conda-forge packages will be available in a few hours. See below for the detailed change log, which is also included in the documentation.

Thanks to all who made v3.10.0 possible.

Continuing contributors: Brandon Butler, Joshua A. Anderson, Yuan Zhou


Documentation: https://hoomd-blue.readthedocs.io
Releases: https://github.com/glotzerlab/hoomd-blue/releases
Report issues: https://github.com/glotzerlab/hoomd-blue/issues
Contribute: https://github.com/glotzerlab/hoomd-blue/pulls

• The message_filename property and argument to Device, CPU, and GPU to replace msg_file (#1497).
• hoomd.md.pair.Gaussian to replace hoomd.md.pair.Gauss (#1497).
• hoomd.md.pair.ExpandedGaussian - the expanded Gaussian pair force (#1493).
• Guide: How to apply arbitrary pair potentials in HPMC (#1505).
• Use furo style for HTML documentation (#1498).
• The hoomd.md.pair potentials ExpandedLJ, ExpandedMie, LJGauss, and TWF now shift V(r_cut) to 0 properly when mode == 'shift' (#1504).
• Corrected errors in the pair potential documentation (#1504).
• Note that the 'body' exclusion should be used with hoomd.md.constrain.Rigid (#1465).
• Correctly identify the 'xyz' mode in hoomd.md.methods.NPH (#1509).
• The msg_file property and argument to Device, CPU, and GPU.
• hoomd.md.pair.Gauss.
Joshua A. Anderson, Ph.D.
Research Area Specialist, Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan

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