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Welcome to the hoomd-users mailing list!

Understand that e-mail communication is not instantaneous, messages to the list go out to 700+
individuals, Google may mark your message as spam and ask for moderator approval, and that those 
who answer your question will take time out of their busy schedules to do so.

To get the best answer to your question quickly, please follow these guidelines:

Before posting a question, please search previous posts in order to see if your question has been
addressed. Also, check the documentation and the issue tracker on GitHub.

To post a message on a new topic: join the list, then send an email to

To continue an on-topic discussion thread, click the reply button in your e-mail client and direct your

In your message, clearly and concisely state your question. If your question is related to unexpected
behavior of HOOMD-blue, provide a minimal script that demonstrates the behavior, describe the
behavior you get, and the behavior you expect. The script must depend only on HOOMD-blue.

When including text output, please copy and paste it as text or attach a text formatted file. Include the
command you entered and all output of the command.

Wait after posting. If your message doesn't appear immediately, Google may have flagged it as spam.
List moderators will approve legitimate posts and reject double posts. If your message doesn't appear
after 72 hours, contact the list administrators.

Wait at least 96 hours for a reply after your post appears. If no one answers your question after that
time, you can reply to your original and rephrase the question.

When your question is answered completely, please reply and thank the one who answered it.

When using the web interface, clicking "Post Message" will e-mail your message to all members.
Do not edit your message after posting. Each edit results in an additional e-mail causing Google to
identify your message as spam and block it.