Generic term for 羽根車

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Warren Smith

Sep 28, 2021, 10:48:56 PM9/28/21

An "impeller" is used to impart kinetic energy to a fluid (such as air or water).

A "turbine" is generally driven by a fluid to extract energy therefrom.


In my translation, a羽根車 is used reversibly for both.


Is there an English term that covers both directions?


Oh -- I also have to deal with words like 風車 and 水車, which I am tentatively calling "wind turbine" and "water turbine," but these also go both ways.


To make matters worse, the geometry is VERY different from what we would expect -- these are not blades extending generally radially from a central shaft, but rather long blades that are disposed parallel to each other in a rack (much like Venetian blinds), each spinning around its own lengthwise axis (which is rather bizarre) -- so there is nothing even remotely resembling a "wheel."


So what in the heck do I call this 羽根車 thing?





John Stroman

Sep 29, 2021, 6:52:58 AM9/29/21
Way out of my field, but Honyaku Star also lists "vane wheel," and TECHDICO, which uses published abstracts as its corpus, lists "vaned wheel" or "blade wheel." One of these terms may be suitable because they all represent a higher level of abstraction, if that's what the author intends.  A simple search at the EPO website gives 4541 hits for "blade wheel," and 3761 hits for "vane wheel" (in quotation marks). Assuming you are targeting USPTO, Is there a way to search USPTO for these terms to find some kind of precedent? Good luck.
John Stroman


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