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Paolo Di Prodi

Jun 26, 2011, 12:52:17 PM6/26/11
to home...@googlegroups.com
Hello there,
I just wanted to ping this project and to see if it's still alive.
I'm the owner of Norduino project and I would like to port the HomeNet processing node
to the OpenPicus FlyPort module or a Chumby Hacker Board to get rid of a desktop computer and
thus reducing power consumption.
The only concern I'm having is the choice of a proper network/packet layer.
I wanted to adopt the Panstamp SWAP protocol but that will then require a rewrite of basically
the entire software because I will not be able to translate SWAP packets to HomeNet packets.
Also I would like to know the status of the web interface.


Matthew Doll

Jun 26, 2011, 2:10:13 PM6/26/11
to HomeNet
It's very much still alive. I recently rewrote the processing app into
a better pure java app, you can find the sources for it on github. I
too would like to have it run on something that uses less power, I
wrote the pc interface primary because most people have one that they
can use to experiment with and it is much easier to debug on. One day
I would like to use like a linux plug pc. There are probably a bunch
of different ways to do it. I also have plans to write a socket
interface so the arduino network shield can directly send packets.

With the web interface I'm currently working on fleshing out the
security and user permission system. it will probably be a few weeks
until it is back up and running. As my thesis project I focused on the
parts my committee would see, the user interface and data collection
process. Now that I graduated(yay) I'm trying to code all the behind
the scenes parts that are required for me scale it bigger. I'm taking
my time to code it properly and create all of the unit tests so I can
automate testing. I want to be able to have all the proper security
measures in place before I officially launch it.


Paolo Di Prodi

Jul 10, 2011, 8:28:51 AM7/10/11
to home...@googlegroups.com
Hello Matthew,
wow that's some very good progress.
Can I have a look at your thesis then?
I'm very interested in your approach because I work with NHS (national health ) in UK to develop
an ubiquitous platform which integrates home automation and medical sensor into
one system.
I didn't see the pure java app and I'm going to test it then!
I don't want to add anything to your workload but the chumby hacker board seems a very good candidate
for your purpose.
Just have a look at what this guys did:
Are you based in UK?


Matthew Doll

Jul 10, 2011, 3:02:10 PM7/10/11
to HomeNet
You can take a look at my thesis at http://www.mcdportal.com/stuff/MatthewDollThesis.pdf

I'm based in Tampa, Florida, USA. Just a big jump across the pond.

Paolo Di Prodi

Jul 13, 2011, 12:22:30 PM7/13/11
to home...@googlegroups.com
Ahaah, actually I was in Tampa last month at the ATA conference to showcase some work we did in mobile health care.
I have noticed that to test the software I have to input an API key even though I don't want to push the data online.
Is there any other way to test it locally?
O yes I will have a quick scan at your thesis.

I really love tampa and the lobster!

Matthew Doll

Jul 13, 2011, 2:12:16 PM7/13/11
to home...@googlegroups.com
hurm, I didn't think about a local testing mode.  I should add that. 

Try creating a text file named homenet.properties.txt next to the exe file with these contents:

config.done = true

client.server = homenet.me
client.apikey = abcdef1234567890

server.enabled = false
server.port = 2443
server.upnp = false

packet.type = 0
packet.tonode = 1
packet.todevice = 1
packet.fromnode = 255
packet.fromdevice = 0
packet.command = 0
packet.payload = test

it should startup without running the setup wizard
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