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Aug 12, 2016, 1:52:03 PM8/12/16
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Hello. Thanks for reviving and upgrading the old HoTU site. It's nice to see improvements being made there more often.

My favorite part of the site was always The Hall of Belated Fame. Is there any chance those pages will be fixed anytime soon? I'd love to browse it again. As it stand now, all game links and page links are broken.

The game links look easy to fix. Simply replace the "@" in the URL with a "?". (Was that done intentionally at some point?)

The page links are another matter, and I don't know why featured.php (or animate.php) won't honor the "offset=" parameter anymore. There's no way for me to determine the cause by examining the rendered page source or searching for similar URLs in Google.

If the solution is simply a matter of someone going in there and changing a few characters I'd be happy to volunteer.

I think that collection of pages, the best of the best on HoTU, should be advertised better. I'd suggest adding a link to page one under the two Hall of Belated Fame games in the right sidebar of the homepage.


Aug 15, 2016, 11:14:27 AM8/15/16
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I'm sure the guy who knows about the code will respond to you when he's found the time. Me - I'm the one doing those monthly top dog dust-offs. I think there's no doubt the choices Sarinee made for which ones get Top Dogged and Hall of Famed can only be seen as somewhat arbitrary, which is no surprise, and you'll see they're not always entirely in line with the popular vote (users' scores) - for this reason I think browsing the "regular" collection might also be a smart idea. Still there's no reason not to have a Hall of Fame in principle. As I implied I'm not able to tell you why exactly it's offline.

Thanks for volunteering!



Aug 24, 2016, 6:40:24 PM8/24/16
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No problem. Like the previous person who posted I have web development experience and could troubleshoot errors.
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