Looking for these games: Stilgar, Mission Missyo

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Aug 2, 2017, 12:26:37 PM8/2/17
to home-of-th...@googlegroups.com
There was a small, Windows GUI game called Stillgar or Stilgar. It was a turn based strategy in Dune universe. It has disappeared from the net.

Does anyone have it? If yes, please send it, I will add it to HotU archives since it's extremelly hard to obtain and I'm afraid it might be lost forever...

EDIT: Also if you have any of the other games mentioned.


Aug 4, 2017, 9:27:30 AM8/4/17
to Home of the Underdogs
Used the Wayback Machine search to look for "Stilgar Dune", "Stilgar Game" and just "Stilgar" and couldn't really find anything. There are almost no results for "Stillgar" and the game is obviously named after a character in Dune whose name indeed has just one 'l'. So indeed looking slim the chances of finding it on the I-net.
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