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Elias Tsolis

Apr 1, 2019, 3:58:35 PM4/1/19
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Some time now, I was searching to find which PC games include Music Songs in their content. 
No such list exists either on youtube or anywhere in web as far as I know.

Therefore, I would like to start to "gather" knowledge which PC games include Music songs during in their content.
Anyone can publish freely that list.

I am starting here: 

FULL THROTTLE --- Gone Jackals - Legacy
Phantasmagoria --- Consumite Furore" by Mark Seibert
7th Guest ---- The Fat Man and Team Fat
Tex's Murphy --- Pandora's Directive - Tex's Lament - Richie Havens  | Body and Soul - Nicole Tindall
Runaway --- Liquor - Vera Dominguez
Outcast --- "you die" - Lennie Moore - Performed by Moscow Symphony Orchestra and Choir
Freddy Pharkas --- Freddy Pharkas song -  Josh Mandel
Rent A Hero ----- Rent A Hero song - Annalene Rahbari, Nana Walzer
Final Fantasy VIII ---- Eyes On Me - Faye Wong

If you know some other PC GAME songs, please contribute your knowledge! 
Thanks very much.

Elias Tsolis
Old PC Gamer (1990s) 

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Elias Tsolis

Apr 1, 2019, 4:18:09 PM4/1/19
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Hello, an addition

Gabriel Knight 2   ---- OPERA - Music composed by Robert Holmes.


Apr 3, 2019, 4:16:17 PM4/3/19
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May I ask what your goal is or what's inspired you? There may be an even more suitable forum or site out there.

Elias Tsolis

Apr 4, 2019, 2:32:05 PM4/4/19
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Hello LotBlind,

I was inspired by music and by songs in PC games.
I was searching for a such list.
No such list exists as far as I know.
Some websites have published gamecredits.
However, no "standard" rules exists in order to "extract" such information.
On the other hand, soundtracks can be only "music" without song.
Therefore, I think that a such list may be useful for future generations.
Thanks for your interest.
If you know even a more proper place to publish and extend such list, please tell me! 
I will be much grateful.
Thank you.

Elias Tsolis


Apr 5, 2019, 1:30:39 PM4/5/19
to Home of the Underdogs - probably a few PC titles in there. Searching for lyrics is the hack you're looking for.

MGS 3 also has a song called Snake Eater
Redneck Rampage and its add-ons (at least the "Rides Again") one came with brilliant sountracks with mostly songs on them
Shadow Warrior: Lo Wang's rap, played in the credits
Mafia had a cover of Lake of Fire (about gangsters), again, in the credits

Seems a lot of games have a song in their credits. Portal and Portal 2 as well.

Bastion has several songs I think.

Elias Tsolis

Apr 6, 2019, 9:04:18 AM4/6/19
to Home of the Underdogs
Wow! Thank you LotBlind! This was quite helpful! Thanks so much! I have posted the PC Game Song List. 

Thanks again! 
Elias Tsolis
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