How to avoid Ecoli: Advice to growers

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Andy Austerfield

Jun 4, 2011, 3:29:30 PM6/4/11
Dont want to scare anyone but just thought I'd better mention this as it was published in the June landshare newsletter. 

How to Avoid E-Coli: Advice to Allotment Gardeners

Posted : @ 15:33 on 1st June 2011 by editor

Europe is experiencing what's possibly the biggest outbreak of e-coli ever, with suspicions on Spanish cucumbers now giving way to a general sense that the dreaded infection could have come from any food source.

Bristol City Council has offered some helpful guidelines to allotment growers to prevent e-coli:

1. No fresh manure should be applied directly to plots but should be composted for at least 12 months prior to applying
2. Manure should be thoroughly dug into the ground before planting any crops
3. Hands should be thoroughly washed following the handling of manure
4. All crops should be thoroughly washed after picking
5. Particular care should be taken that young children should not be allowed to handle animal manure

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