finding "nerdy programmer messages"

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Timothy Rice

Sep 19, 2005, 8:24:36 PM9/19/05
to hoekey
t is difficult to find those message codes. It can be done through
the use of Microsoft's development tool, "Spy++", but it probably
helps to understand a little about what it's doing.

This command should do what you are after:
~6=msg|Google Talk - Google Xmpp Client GUI Window|273|40080|0 ;
GoogleTalk - Disable/Enable all mail notifications

Anyways, to find this out I:
- ran Spy++
- clicked the "find" button
- restore the google talk window
- drag finder target over google talk window
- select parent "Google Talk" window in the Spy++ list
- right click, choose messages
- click logging options button
- in messages tab, clear all, then select "wm_command", ok
- right click log, clear all
- right click google talk tray icon, select "disable all notifications"
- right click the log entry in spy++, choose properties
- convert the hex to decimal

Note the window class was:
Google Talk - Google Xmpp Client GUI Window

The message was:
0x111 = 273

The wparam was:
0x9c90 = 40080

lparam was
0x0 = 0

thus the complete hoekey command is:
~6=msg|Google Talk - Google Xmpp Client GUI Window|273|40080|0

Hope that helps, when I get a chance I'll try to document this better
for people that want to do this themselves.

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Oct 12, 2005, 1:02:45 PM10/12/05
to hoekey
What does "nerdy programmer messages" use for? I am a little confused
about this function!

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