Creating a dynamic <live-editor-innards> tag - a little help, please!

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Tim Griffin

Jun 21, 2016, 2:53:27 PM6/21/16
to Hobo Users
Hi all;

I'm trying to refactor this typical use of a live-editor-innards tag:

<feckless-fieldset fields="addresses_current">
    <div part="div-live-editor-part-addresses-current">
      <live-editor-innards updates="#div-messages"/>

to be this:

 <live-filing-field field-tag="addresses-current-view" filing="&@filing" field-name='addresses_current'/>

using this tag definition: 

<def tag="live-filing-field" attrs="filing, field-tag, field-name">
  <do with="&filing">
    <feckless-fieldset fields="&field_name">
      <call-tag tag="&field_tag">
        <div part="div-live-editor-part" id="div-#{field_name}">
          <live-editor-innards updates="#div-messages"/>

But, I'm missing something and the formlet tag is not being created. I simply get the fieldset being created.

(I'm aware that dynamic part names are not valid, but that doesn't seem to be the problem, as only one instance of my tag on the page also does not work.)

Any sharp eyes out there? Am I using call-tag correctly? 


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