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May 1, 2007, 3:08:14 PM5/1/07
to Hobo 2.0
I'm not a big fan of money, I'd rather just eliminate the reasons why
I'd need it, hence trying to find free food, not getting an apartment,
that kinda thing. Of course, things like student loans make it
impossible to live even the most basic lifestyle.

Here you can brainstorm ways to make a quick buck here and there.
Please don't spam up this thread with crap, I see you're minds working
you free iPhone bastards. You real estate question mark suit wearing
scam artists. Stay away! I like a good scam like any other american,
but not what you're offering.

Some *decent* ideas I've heard are selling bracelets on the beach,
jumping on a cruise line for a week and doing dishes, things where I
can have fun. There's of course the donation buttons on the main
website as well, which I appreciate people contributing to my cause.

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