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Aug 26, 2022, 11:36:00 AM8/26/22
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Hello all,

I'm sorry to be creating a thread on this but I searched and couldn't find any help!

This is my serious problem:
The PC that I've been streaming files to my iPad has crashed. The hard drive in the PC is now dead. I've tried everything I can to repair the hard drive, but nothing works. Since the PC hard drive is dead the only copy I have of some of my videos is stored on my iPad inside VLC Streamer... :'( :'(

How can I copy the files from the VLC Streamer on my iPad to my new PC? I guess I want to "stream" the files back to my new PC.

I'd really appreciate your advice :'(

Confused Vorlon

Aug 26, 2022, 2:00:07 PM8/26/22
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if you connect your iPad to the PC, then you should be able to browse files through iTunes.

you'll see the converted files in there. 
however - be warned, the format is a directory full of tiny chunks of files (HLS Streaming format). It'll take some wrangling to convert that back to normal movie file format.




Aug 26, 2022, 2:11:39 PM8/26/22
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Thanks Vorlon!

I just tried posting a message in this thread but for some reason it didn't work.

I can connect the iPad to my PC running iTunes now with the iPad cable but I have no idea how to copy the files off VLC Streamer and onto the iPad...

Stephen Brown

Aug 27, 2022, 11:27:31 AM8/27/22
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I do not know whether this will work on modern iPads, but........
Several years ago, I needed files back from an old 2GB iPod. I discovered that all photos and music files were available in the directory into which the iPod had been backed up on my iMac (rather than a PC) using iTunes. There was no indication from the name as to what each of the files was. I seem to recall that typically the name was a string of about 15  digits - certainly, there were no extensions. However, based on the file sizes, I was able to guess which were image files, which were music files (there were no videos in those days). And then I was able to open each in an appropriate app - and resave with a meaningful name.
You may be able to do something similar if you can backup the iPad somewhere and examined backed up files. But whether the backup will back up the files from within the VLC streamer app - as opposed to the vanilla iTunes files, I do not know.

Or, you could buy one of the apps that purports to allow you to extract files from an IOS device. You might find one that allows a 'trial' to see if it does what you want. I have never been persuaded that they would work properly, and have been too cheap to cough up!
Good luck  
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