download stopped wont restart

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Rick MZ

Jun 10, 2020, 10:24:38 PM6/10/20
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Problem summary:

What are the steps to produce the issue?
First try, trying to play movie on ipad from windows PC but conversion so slow i tried download it overnight instead
What did you expect to happen?
conversion took too long , only 4.5min after 3 hours then i tried downloading.
overnight only 40.5min downloaded then stopped. cannot get it to restart.
What actually happens?
nothing - on ipad says waiting for conversion
Which version of the app are you using?
(iPhone, iPad, Android - which version)
ipad and windows PC
Which helper version are you using?
windows VLC streamer (paid $5)

Rick MZ

Jun 11, 2020, 4:24:00 AM6/11/20
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i deleted it and restarted now it seems ok, but WOW running anything atb same times (even browser based games) SIGNIFICANTLY slows the process

Confused Vorlon

Jun 11, 2020, 5:39:12 AM6/11/20
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not sure what happened with that conversion, but it certainly sounds like something went wrong and it jammed up.

we run the conversion process at a low priority - so in theory, the operating system should push that to the background while you do anything else (like browser games). In practice, this doesn't work perfectly.

generally though - unless you have a really old PC, the pc can convert and stream as you watch with just a ten second (or so) delay while it gets started.

this means you don't have to gum up your PC converting things while you're using it. Just kick off the conversion from your iPad when you want to watch. Presumably at that point - you're not even using your PC for other things.
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