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Elizabeth Tyrell

Dec 7, 2023, 6:04:56 PM12/7/23
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if you reset your settings it will remove the icons, we the controller players can notice that they "decide" to remove the feature just for laziness, sadly i cant play anymore, my arm hurt to much to use a keyboard in a MMO, this one was one of the few that support it... well back to BD, and GW2 with steam controller support... i feel so stupid, waiting ages for an update just to realize that became a reason to quick....

blade and soul controller support


Agreed, if they don't fix controller support they are going to lose quite a few paying customers, myself included. I'm in with all the others who can't play without it, my hands simply cannot do keyboard and mouse anymore.

I can't understand why NCSoft made the decision to remove the gamepad/controller support in UE4, considering the impact it would have in a good portion of the existing community. I have used a controller since day 1 (founder here), to reduce the pain / stress in my hands from the use of a mouse and keyboard for extended periods of time (3 or more hours).

The calls for xinput (the api that handles xbox controllers) have not changed at all. Literally all NCSoft needed to do was copy and paste the handler then rewrite a few of the ue3 game lines to ue4. It honestly would have taken 10 minutes if that - UE4 even has native support for it and it takes a few minutes to setup even without doing the former.

I was really disappointed in finding out controller support had been removed too, and I honestly wasn't expecting it to blow up like this. They removed core functionality of a game that had it for years, it's really dumb to remove such a function. While we wait for any kind of update or resolution to this from NCWest, i've been using a program called antimicro, you can program it to work in the exact same way as old controller support - it converts your controller buttons to keyboard maps. The problem with using 3rd party apps though, is that they could get us banned, especially if xigncode anticheat is ever re-activated and there are always instances where things just don't work as they should, as opposed to inbuilt controller support.

It really seems that way, doesn't look like they care about their players by the look of things, if they really cared they wouldn't take over 9 months to add gamepad support back in though they should never have removed it from the start, they obviously never tried to look into how many players actually play this game with a controller, gamepad support has been a thing in this game since it first came out several years ago so the amount of players who play it with a controller is probably pretty high and it helps those who can't play games with a keyboard and mouse to be able to play it.

First off, this is a complete overreaction at this point. Please try and calm down, you're not the sole martyr for the gamepad cause-- you don't need to speak for everyone. Not everyone wants to use a Remapper, and it took a lot of work and fighting to get controller support back again to begin with!

Find someone trusted to talk to and sort out what's making you so invested and angry about this. It took nearly a year to even get support-- you know this-- and it's counterproductive to sit here and try to fight for its removal just because you're heated and it seems like 'a good idea', if its not your way. Go outside, pet a dog, take a breather, man. That's all I'm saying. There are a lot of controller players, we get it and its issues, talk to them about it. No 'gottem's, no anger, just get your answers and chill.

Developed and published by NCSOFT in 2012, Blade and Soul is a Korean fantasy martial-arts MMORPG. The gameplay was inspired by real martial arts and qinggong in an open-world environment, and that made the game really popular. There's even Blade and Soul controller maintenance included, although, it's not quite comfortable. That's why reWASD can be super helpful for you!
It permits to change the native Blade and Soul controller support a bit or completely, you also can calibrate analog sticks, change triggers deadzone, add haptic feedback, and lots of other things. You also can just eliminate native Blade and Soul controller settings completely, and add keyboard bindings instead. You also can add rapid fire functions, which are irreplaceable in any MMORPG.
Here are some of the best Blade and Soul controller support layouts, you can find them below. Remember, that you can change those configs a bit, to make the Blade and Soul controller preset that fits you the most.

There are three main categories of supported games,
Gamepad native support games:
Cloud game platform games: Xbox Cloud Gaming, Google Stadia, Vortx.
G-Touch mode to support games without controller support: Apex Legends, Genshin Impact, Call of Duty: Mobile, PUBG MOBILE, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Arena of Valor, Identity V, NEW STATE Mobile, Brawl Stars, LifeAfter, NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE, Honkai Impact 3rd, etc.
Video tutorial =OfQorgH1vxE

The update also will finally add controller support for PC players (kind of weird that a game also available on mobile didn't already have that, but ok...) and new skills that were recently reviewed in a dev blog post.

Highlights include the updated HUD and UI, new talent system, new Options Menu, Press and Hold Casting, Interact Key, action targeting system, official controller support, and the Ride Along Dragonriding feature.

We've made additional API updates to these control schemes improving support for controllers, touchpads, and gyros so addon creators can leverage them, including added support for gamepad button icons to improve their legibility on the action bar, and the ability to combine gamepad and mouse input in a single control scheme.

As promised, Albion Online now has full controller support allowing console fans to play the sandbox MMORPG as they would on their console of choice. Players will now be able to use PlayStation DualShock controllers, Xbox controllers, and other PC-compatible controllers. Note that the feature is still in testing and will be optimized over the next few months.

I googled the error and didn't get much help. I did learn that the new UE4 version of Blade and Soul drops all controller support. Now you have to play the game with mouse and keyboard. People who've been playing it with controllers for six years are not happy about that. I certainly wouldn't be if it had happened the other way around.

Sadly, League of Legends Wild Rift does not yet support official controllers of any kind. The creators of League of Legends want you to enjoy touch-based gaming on the wild rift as much as possible, which is why controller support is not available on the wild rift.

In addition, we assembled this article to describe the reasons for using an emulator or controller in the wild rift as well as the benefits associated with doing so. So, it was all about how great is Wild Rift controller support.

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