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Alex Hutton

Jun 22, 2021, 1:32:31 PMJun 22
to hledger

I started using hledger to track personal progress. For example, when I do 3 sets of push-ups I want to give myself one progress point, called a step. If I mow my lawn, I want to give myself another step. So every time I do something that I consider progress I accumulate a step into asset account. I have accounts for chores, fitness, financial, etc.

On the other side of the ledger is time. The units of which are days. Every step costs some fraction of a day. And the "exchange rate" of steps to days depends on how much I achieved in one day. If I achieved four steps in a day, then each step cost 0.25 days. If I did 1 step in a day, then it cost 1 day for 1 step.

I will now give you an example of what my journal looks like, with some questions about how I can optimise this better afterwards (becasuse, as you can see, there is a lot of repetition).

2021/06/01  Time for June
  assets:time  30 days
  equity:timetracked  -30 days

2021/06/01  Went for a walk
  assets:fitness:aerobic  1 step

2021/06/01  Swept the floors
  assets:chores:cleaning  1 step

2021/06/01  Allocation
  equity:accumulated_progress  = 0 step
  assets:time  -1 days

2021/06/02  No progress today
  equity:unused_day  1 days
  assets:time  -1 days

2021/06/03  Wrote half and letter to penpal
  assets:social:penpals  0.5 step

2021/06/03 Allocation
  equity:accumulated_progress = 0 step
  assets:time  -1 days

Thanks for reading this far! Ok, my questions are as follows:

- As you can see, I have an "Allocation" entry for every day that I accumulated some steps. This is how the exchange rate can be properly calculated of step to days. Is there a way I could do this with an auto-posting?
- When I was experimenting, trying to have a posting with multiple items and more than one currency didn't seem to work, for example, the following didn't seem to work, was I don't something wrong?

2021/06/04  Day's activities
  equity:fitness:aerobic  1 step  ; went for walk
  equity:chores:car  1 step  ; washed car
  assets:time  -1 days  ; allocation

- Another question, I gather that hledger doesn't have the ability to give me the time series of value of step per day? It would be great if I could see how many steps I'm achieving in a day and how this varies over time.

Thanks for reading, hledger is a great tool. I'm using it for financial budgeting as well.


Simon Michael

Jun 22, 2021, 1:44:13 PMJun 22
to hledger
Hi Alex,

thanks for the nice example. I have only a quick reply: you can see steps per day with 

hledger reg -DE -0 cur:step [-O csv]

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Simon Michael

Jun 22, 2021, 1:52:23 PMJun 22
to hledger
Or perhaps:

$ hledger reg -DE -0 cur:step assets
2021-06-01              ...                  2.0 step      2.0 step
2021-06-02              ...                         0      2.0 step
2021-06-03              ...                  0.5 step      2.5 step

or define a budget:

# goal: 2 steps per day
~ daily
  (assets)  2 step

$ hledger bal --budget -DE assets cur:step -1
Budget performance in 2021-06-01..2021-06-03:

        ||                2021-06-01        2021-06-02                2021-06-03
 assets || 2.0 step [100% of 2 step]  0 [0% of 2 step]  0.5 step [25% of 2 step]
        || 2.0 step [100% of 2 step]  0 [0% of 2 step]  0.5 step [25% of 2 step]

Alex Hutton

Jun 27, 2021, 7:32:16 AMJun 27
Hi Simon,

Thanks for the reply.

hledger reg -DE -0 cur:step assets 
works quite well!

I also found
hledger prices -DE --inverted-costs
But the -E flag doesn't seem to work the same as with reg. I don't get the 0 step days with this one.


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