This Week In Hledger 2024-02-08

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Simon Michael

Feb 9, 2024, 8:19:10 PMFeb 9
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This Week In Hledger 2024-02-08

I worked on refactoring and debugging the budget report for .
Also, tweaked close tags, docs, and added to the PTA FAQ: .
I shared this time report that I like:

# what happened (this week by default ?) Show simplified time categories, largest first, grouping some similar subaccounts together.
@twhat *ARGS:
    hledger -f "$TIMELOG" bal -b thisweek -e tomorrow -WATS -2 --alias '/.*:(res|adm|it)\b/=_:\1' "$@"

Robert Nielsen
In this week's post, I share my R program for generating random ledger/hledger transactions. Useful if you want to have some dummy transactions for showing how some feature of hledger works without having to use real data.

Matrix chat
CSV conversion, bookkeeping situations, mixing balances and changes in a report, include vs -f, tracking saving goals, amazon prime fees, paisa..

Mail list
Foreign currency accounting, adding custom tags with close, multiple postings vs multiple transactions..


  • Need help with tracking a goal
  • Exporting Paisa interactive visualizations
  • [hledger] How do I get a specific tag column in register report
  • Do you guys enter every transaction manually
  • Thoughts on Beancount and PTA
  • Is it possible to track mileage/mpg with ledger?
  • Can I use ledger for time tracking and conversion from hours to USD?



Zegnat fixed line breaks in error messages displayed in hledger-web, making them much clearer:

reesmichael1 made ssv: and tsv: work as file path prefixes, like csv:

jmtd made a dark theme for hledger-ui, testers welcome:

brplot is a fast plotting tool for command line or wasm:


If you know how to get your transactions downloaded from your bank and don't ever want to leave the command line, hledger is great for you -- I've been using hledger since 2019 and love every minute of it.

Share your hledger/PTA user notes, dev news, achievements or experiences in the hledger matrix chatevery Friday morning or any time, tagged with TWIH:.

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